Friday, October 11, 2019

Headblade Discontinues The Sport and HB3 TripleBlade Cartridges

October 11, 2019 2

I subscribe to HeadBlade’s newsletter.   I admit; I don’t read every single one of them.  But I happened to look at one I received a few days ago.

HeadBlade Email Newsletter
A section titled “End of an Era!” caught my attention. As it turns out Headblade announced they are no longer making the HeadBlade Sport or the HB3 Tripleblade cartridges.   Nooo!
Zoom in of the newsletter
Some of the news I was late to as it looks like Headblade announced the discontinuance of the HB3 blades in blog post back in March 2019  It looks as if Headblade will no longer be creating new head shaving products based on this technology.   The company will now offer the HB2 blade cartridges for users like me who own, enjoy, and want to continue to use the HeadBlade Sport (or Ghost or Classic or Eclipse).

End of an Era.  HeadBlade stops production on the HeadBlade Sport
By the time I started shaving my head in the late 2000’s the Headblade HB2 blade cartridges had been discontinued.   I had started with the HB3 cartridges.    I didn’t shop online nearly as much as I do now and wasn’t an Amazon Prime subscriber.   I couldn’t find HB3 cartridges as my local Walgreens or CVS so I started using the Gillette Atra blades which the HeadBlade Sport was compatible with.  I have not used the HB2 blade cartridges as of yet.  But based on some social media posts I’ve seen the HB2’s look similar to the Gillette Atra.    

My first, well worn, HeadBlade Sport ... notice the missing wheels and rubber pad.

The discontinuance of the Sport kind of breaks my heart.   This was the first head shaving razor I purchased (and this is before it had the rubberized finger ring).  But I suppose that in order to improve, HeadBlade is looking towards to new and more innovative things.  I’m personally looking forward to what could be coming.   Like I mentioned earlier, I have not tried the HB2 blades yet.  But until my store of HB3’s run out, I’m in no hurry.

Still have a few HB3 Triple Blade cartridges to get by with.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Every Man Jack Cedarwood Shave Cream

April 07, 2019 0
When I still had the webstore, one of the first line of products we started carrying was from Every Man Jack (EMJ). We had the shave creams in a tube, the face washes, and the face scrubs.  This was still when their tubes were available in either white or blue and not the wood-grained patterned tubes.  The Every Man Jack Premium Shave line was not yet available would come a few months later.
The old style EMJ Cedarwood shaving cream tin that I had in the den
 At the time, they only had the unscented and Signature Mint varieties.   So, when Every Man Jack came out with a cedarwood scented shaving cream I was intrigued.   For one, their products were only available in tubes and the cylindrical jar this shaving cream was packed in was more in line with the bowls or tins that many of the artisan soaps are available in.

The EMJ Cedarwood Shaving Cream felt denser than some of the other shaving creams I've used
The other reason was the cedarwood scent.   When I first opened it and put my nose to the jar I got a nice whiff of this pleasant, masculine, and woodsy aroma.  After I pulled the jar away to put the cap back on I immediately brought it to my nose again before doing so because I, personally, found it that appealing.

I got a decent lather, but needed more cream to make it work.

The Every Man Jack Cedarwood shaving cream feels a bit denser than, say, Taylor of Old Bond Street or the Derby Shaving Cream.  Performance-wise, I found it to be a bit mixed.  While I got a decent lather; I needed a little more product to make it work.  With TOBS or Derby I would need an almond sized amount with the EMJ I needed twice that.  I did feel that the shaving cream had a decent slickness and it did a good job protecting my skin.  I had no irritation and didn’t experience any nicks and cuts.  

The newer design of the EMJ Cedarwood Shaving Cream

I’ve had this in the den for some time and Every Man Jack has since redesigned the packaging.
Overall, I found it to performed similar to the other Every Man Jack shaving creams.  It does the job.  But with traditional wet shaving, I want to make it less of a job and add a little more enjoyment to the experience even if it’s just a little fluffier of a lather.  Personally, I really like the cedarwood scent. But it, regrettably, didn’t meet the lathering needs.   Fortunately, for me, Every Man Jack has a Cedarwood Bodywash.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

RazoRock’s Essential Oil of Lime Shave Soap

December 26, 2018 0
I’ve had RazoRock’s Essential Oil of Lime is a soap in the soap hoard of my shave den for some time.   So long that RazoRock has gone through changes in the formula and packaging designs since I got this.  I suppose I tend to hoard soap and use (and even review) them at my own pace. 

RazoRock Essential Oil of Lime - Yea, I'm behind a couple of versions

Essential oil of Lime is described as a “fresh lime scent.”  Personally I think this is a very pleasant scent and something my wife really likes. It reminds me of lime zest rather than, say, freshly cut limes. As with the RazoRock soaps that I’ve used, the scent isn’t overpowering.  I’m aware I’ve lathered with it but not so much that it is eye watering.  I find that it washes away to a hint when rinsing my face off.  When washing my face after using an alum block, I find the scent disappears.

Loading the brush.

This version of the Essential Oil Of Lime is white in color and is very soft in texture.  From some YouTube videos and pictures of the latest version, it appears that these characteristics haven’t changed that much as many are still calling it a croap.  With this soap, I get a slick and protective lather.  As with other RazoRock soaps, it is fairly easy to build without precise measuring of water.  I don’t know about you, but some soaps that I’ve used it feels like you have to have it down to the milliliter otherwise it would be too thin or thick.

RazoRock's soaps produce a slick and protective lather.

While RazoRock has their own Essential Oil of Lime Aftershave to complement the soap, there are also a lot of lime scented aftershaves to choose from that could nicely complement the soap.   To name a few Pinaud’s Lime Sec, St. John’s West Indian Lime, and Col Conk’s Lime aftershave.  Though, I tend to reach for the Captain’s Choice Lime.

A recent SOTD

The new formulation appears to contain Shae Butter, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, and Lanolin.  While I have not tried it I am curious to about the performance.  It sounds like this would help to hydrate and protect the skin a bit more during a shave.  In the meantime though, I’ll have to use this version … which is definitely not a bad thing.  It smells great, easy to lather, and helps to protect my skin during a shave.   What’s not to like.
A more recent version ... yea ... I need to upgrade
What do you think of the Essential Oil Of Lime Soap?  Leave a  comment below and let us know what yo think.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Five Gift Ideas for The Bald Guy in Your Life

December 14, 2018 0
If you don’t have a bald guy in your life, then this post might not be for you.  But you’re struggling for gift ideas for that person; read on.   In this case the bald guy in my life happens to be … well … me.   My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I just came up blank.  But after some thinking and endless web surfing I came up with a few ideas and figured I’d share. 

HeadBlade S4 Lunar Eclipse

The HeadBlade S4 Lunar Eclipse:  Sure, anyone can get a regular HeadBlade Sport.  But the S4 Lunar Eclipse is a limited edition, stainless steel razor, in black.   I really like my HeadBlade Sport, but the stainless steel makes me feel like I take my head shaves seriously.  I missed getting the HeadBlade ATX Shark Razor a few years back. So this is going on the want list. 
The Gentleman Jon Alum Block
The Gent Jon Alum Block:   After a shave I like to use some sort of astringent.  While using some aftershave splashes satisfies my post shave skin, I sometimes feel like I’m wearing too much aftershave.  Using alum after my head shave satisfies my skin’s need for that astringent and doesn’t leave me feeling that I smell like the cologne counter at Macy’s.  

EMJ Signature Mint Face Lotion
Every Man Jack Face Lotion:  During the holidays many of us have to endure it in a cold part of the country.  I don’t know about you, but my skin tends to get dryer at this time of year.  I apply a lot of lotion to begin with but in the winter I tend to apply it even more.  Even though it says “face lotion” on the bottle I've used the Every Man Jack lotion on my head.  I like their Signature Mint.  But they also have a Fragrance Free as well as a Sandalwood version (which I have yet to try).     

Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20
Jack Black Moisturizer with SPF:  Even though some of us, like me, don’t celebrate the holidays in a warm or sunny climate, it is still nice to have that extra layer of sun protection.  While it may be cold, it’s possible to be exposed to the sun enough for it to do its damage.  So as the name implies, the Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 is a moisturizer that offers SPF protection.  I’m asking for this one.  Maybe with all of my whining about the cold, this present would come with an additional present of going to Walt Disney World.  Dear Santa … I’ve been really good this year.

Mickey Mouse Winter Pom Beanie
Mickey Mouse Emblem Winter Pom Beanie:  Lastly, if you can’t go to Disney I suppose bring home a little Disney.  It is winter and the holidays can get very cold in Pennsylvania.  For the bald headed Disney fan this Mickey Mouse hat looks like a nice way to help protect against the cold.  Plus, it’s Mickey’s 90th birthday this year and what better way to celebrate (other than actually going to the park).  But, if Mickey is not your thing, there’s a more subtle looking Captain America hat to help protect the pate. It may not be Vibranium but at least it’ll help protect against the cold.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Initial Pass: Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Gel

December 01, 2018 0

I like the Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap; the peppermint is a particular favorite of mine.  When shopping I’ll regularly see the soap bottles, toothpaste, and soap bars. Though I’ve never seen Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Gel until my wife brought a bottle of the Unscented home.  She had been on an assignment for work and happened to discover it in a client’s company store.  If there’s something she thinks is interesting, she won’t hesitate to pick it up for me to try.  I suppose up until this point, I don’t think I realized how much she understood my enjoyment I got from this wet shaving hobby. 
My wife bought Dr. Bronner's Shave Gel on one of her business trips for me to try.
When I first opened the bottle a very thin, brown, runny liquid immediately leaked out of the dispensing opening.  This definitely didn’t resemble gels that I had previously tried before.   After a few shaving sessions it started to dispense more like a textured gel (as if it contained salt granules).  At this point I realized that even though it didn’t mention it in the directions I probably should have shaken the tube first.  This probably would have prevented that the thin liquid from running out.   With subsequent shaves, I would vigorously shake the tube.

It started out runny. But was able to push out a thicker gel.
Even though this Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Gel is described as Unscented didn’t mean it is without an odor. As with other unscented wet shaving or grooming products I’ve tried, I would imagine that the mixture of the different ingredients produces their own aroma.  Personally, I thought the scent of the Unscented Organic Shaving Gel was just awful.  It wasn’t as noticeable when I use it for just my head shave.  But when applying it to my chin and upper lip, I am very aware that it has been applied.  It almost reminds me of the smell of a brand new badger brush that hasn’t been cleansed of it’s odor.   The upside was that it washes away easily and that aroma doesn’t linger around. 

After about 15 seconds, the lather thinned out.
After applying the gel to my head and face with my hands and a bubbly lather started to build.  After stopping the lather disappeared after a few seconds and trying to lather with a brush was no different. I did find that the Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Gel had a decent slickness to it.  However, I did apply my Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure-Castille Soap to my head and face and found the slickness and protection to be similar.   Though I seriously preferred the peppermint aroma to the “unscented.”
Overall, the Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Organic Shaving Gel got the job done.  But, it wasn’t an extremely gratifying experience.  If the shave brush is something of a must in the wet shaving routine then this probably isn’t a must have.

Pairing my Dr. Bronners with my Parker 24C Razor
Have you tried Dr. Bronner’s shave gels?  Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.