Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Closer Look at the Muhle R102

The Muhle R102 is a three piece razor with a polished chrome finish and it weighed in at 2.1 oz on our scale.  This razor has a white resin handle with chrome highlights. The R102 measures about 3.75 Inches from end to end with a handle that measuring approximately 3.4 inches.   Apart from the Muhle name etched on the bottom of the handle, the handle has a smooth texture.

Personally, I don’t mind razors with smooth handles, but I do have to be mindful to rinse any traces of soap or oil from my hands to prevent it from slipping.  Some have even suggested rubbing a little alum on the fingertips to help improve grip. I heard this tip many months ago but I have yet to try it.

Muhle Name Etched on Base of Handle

The Muhle R102 Open Tooth Comb Razor is one that I’ve had in the collection for a while.  Compared to other razors, the tooth comb design exposes more of the blade.  While some have stated that they find it to shave “normally,” I personally find the Muhle Open Tooth Comb design to be pretty aggressive.  I’ll typically use a Crystal DE blade (my go to blade) with this razor.  While I like Feather razor blades, which are known for their sharpness, I will usually shy away from using one in this razor. The combination of the Feather sharpness and the R102 aggressiveness is usually a combination that results in quite a few nicks and cuts.

The R102 used in one of my SOTDs

If I haven’t shaved my head for a day or two, the R102 is probably one of my favorites to use as I find it effective for my WTG pass. (I’ll typically do a polishing pass with my HeadBlade Sport or ATX … depending on mood).  I’ve even taken and posted a few shave of the day pics on Instagram where I’ve used this razor.  

We look at the R102 a little closer in this short video.

Have you tried the Muhle R102 or any Muhle Open Comb? Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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