Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Please Excuse Our Appearance While We're Remodeling

The store has closed and some may be wondering: what's next for TheShavingEdge.com ?  

I still love wet shaving.  I shave my face and I shave my head.  Throughout my life I've had some great shaves in my personal shave den. But I've also experienced cuts, irritation, and razor rash.  My individual hairs may be thicker and skin more sensitive than some, or maybe thinner or more normal compared to others.

I've used cartridges, double edge razors, shavettes, and straight razors.  I shave at home but I've also gone to the barbershop.  

I suppose the point of this rambling is that there is a ton of products out there.  Some things work well for some people and work poorly for others.  But that's what makes wet shaving a fun and interesting hobby.  

While the store has closed, we are keeping TheShavingEdge.com online as a blog to share different aspects of the shaving and grooming experience.  Over time we would love to see this evolve and have others contribute and participate. 

So please excuse our appearance while we're remodeling ... and we hope that you'll keep coming back to see how this evolves.

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