Friday, April 15, 2016

An Open Letter of Thanks to the Wet Shaving Community

We are sincerely touched at the very kind and encouraging words we’ve received from many since we’ve announced the closure of store.  We wanted to share these (names withheld) because of how touched we are.  There have also been some unnecessarily crass remarks, but that’s not something worth thinking about or sharing.
The Kind Words People Have Shared
Overall, it the past few years have been generally good.  We’ve gotten the chance to meet some wonderful people: seasoned wet shavers wanting to share the knowledge of experience, new wet shavers at the beginning of their journey, artisans that are passionate about what they make, vendor partners that love wet shaving products, and a host of others.  We just wish we could have met more of you.

A recent video someone did and we're thankful for
Who would have thought that something like shaving could bring so many people together?

It’s been a pleasure to meet and interact with many of you.  We sincerely hope to continue to interact with you in many of the forums, groups, social media outlets and meet-ups out there.

We thank you for the support over the past few years.  And to use a word that a former boss closed their emails with …


Your Friends at


  1. I was a pleasure to deal with you. Sorry to see you go. Hopefully you can make a comeback. Thanks for your good products.