Wednesday, January 20, 2016

History of Shaving Infographic!

The removal of facial hair has been a significant part of a man’s life for over a 100,000 years. Today, men spend on average 60 hours shaving each year! There have been significant improvements over the many thousands of years since man first began to remove facial hair through the simple yet extremely painful process of plucking them out one by one. Ouch! The practice of shaving evolved over time through the adoption of shaving instruments. From the use of sharpened shells to the first modern safety razors and beyond, the art of shaving has continued to change. Over the last century, numerous scientific studies about shaving have been conducted in an attempt to further improve the shaving experience. The results of such studies have also helped us improve the quality and comfort of shaving.

I think we can all admit we have come a long way over the history of shaving, but unfortunately so many men today still struggle and resent have to shave. It is baffling that even in today’s age, so many still struggle with the daily routine of shaving. Possibly this issue is due to the fact that our innovations of shaving instruments have gone too far. Maybe corporate greed and large budget marketing campaigns have skewed our understanding of what products can actually improve our shaving experience. You may have seen one of the many comedy spoofs, such as the one below, mocking how outrageous these new razor innovations have become.

On the bright side, many have begun to see the light and have realized that our fathers and grandfathers actually had it right. As the famous Ockham’s razor principle states, “more things should not be used than are necessary.” Better than the a 3 or 5 blade razor with a pivoting head, vibrating handle, and lubricating strip, one of the top safety razors will provide a far superior quality shave for less money. So throw out those pesky expensive cartridge razors and chemical ridden aerosol shaving creams and pick up a quality shaving cream and razor and start making your shaving experience an enjoyable one. This infographic by Prim&Prep provides a brief history of just how the art of shaving has evolved over the many years so you can learn just how far shaving has come and potentially, where it is headed. 

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