Friday, January 1, 2016

A Little On Shaver Heaven

Anthony Macri got into traditional wet shaving over five years ago.  One day purchased a starter kit on eBay that contained a Shavette, Arko Soap, a cheap shave brush, and some blades.  He hasn’t looked back and has since become an avid collector of all things wet shaving – both modern and vintage. 

As the story goes, Anthony (like many of us) would take to the Internet to find and order wet shaving supplies.   He recalled a time when he received a lot of packages at one time exclaimed, in excitement, that it was like being in Shaver Heaven!  The name was born. 
Shaver Heaven was established in 2014 and is a family owned and operated company from Melbourne, Australia dedicated to making excellent artisan shaving products.  The first Shaver Heaven scent was the Forbidden Forest.   From there, Shaver Heaven has released 39 different scents of soap as well as a variety of after shave balms.

Shaver Heaven After Shave Balms
Shaver Heaven doesn’t utilize any mass production and automation technology to produce their products.  Their soaps are produced in small batches and just about everything is done by hand.  From the label being printed, to being hand cut, to being stuck on by hand, to filling the packages by hand; it is all done with the love and care of Shaver Heaven’s owners.  So, while the stickers may not be on straight, it’s the dedication to the product along with the willingness to hear feedback is what Shaver Heaven believes sets it apart from the others. 
G.B.M Shave Soap which takes it's name from the soap maker's daughter
Personally I like the soap. I find that I get a rich with this soap with a nice slickness to it. It’s a relatively soft soap. When asked why the soft soap formulation, Anthony had mentioned that as an artisan he prefers the croap formulations, particularly because it has a quicker production turnaround time than the hard pucks.   Though, at one point Anthony mentioned that Shaver Heaven was tinkering with a formulation for a hard puck shaving soap. But the product never saw the light of day.    I’m not certain why this is, but perhaps fans of Shaver Heaven can hold on to the hope that maybe one day there will be a Shaver Heaven shaving soap puck.  I suppose time will tell.
A couple of scents offered from Shaver Heaven
Whether it’s a new scent or a minor formulation tweak to improve performance, Anthony is always looking at ways to expand and better the Shaver Heaven line.   Recently they’ve producing "beard oils" which is something Anthony never thought Shaver Heaven would do.   But as a result there may be pomades and moustache waxes that fans can look forward too.   We’ll just have to stay tuned to see what will be next.

Have you tried Shaver Heaven products? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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