Friday, May 5, 2023

Irisch Moos Aftershave - A Review

 In 2007 Mäurer & Wirtz acquired Sir Irisch Moos (along with 4711, Tosca, and Extase) from Proctor and Gamble.   The Mäurer & Wirtz website goes on to describe the scent of Irisch Moos as:

A powerful and very masculine scent which opens with a top note of lemon, orange, rosemary, coriander and green foliage. Lavender and spicy notes, including sandalwood, geranium and carnation, are fused harmoniously in the polished heart note. Distinctive ingredients, such as patchouli, moss and tonka bean, bring out the masculine character of this scent.

That’s a lot of stuff blended together and I can’t say that any one note stands out to me.  Comments on suggest that Irisch Moos was the inspiration to Irish Spring soap and I get a hint of that connection.    Aromatic is a word that seems to go along with Irisch Moos and seems apt.  

Irisch Moos Aftershave

While I can’t precisely describe the scent, I can say that I find it appealing and having a masculine scent.  Unlike my experience with Lilac Vegetal, Irisch Moos is one that smells similar in the bottle as it does on me.  The aroma also lingers around a lot longer than some of the other aftershaves that I’ve tried and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  I really like it; moreover, my wife likes it on me.  

Irisch Moos has the bracing sting I’ve come to expect and enjoy from an aftershave splash.  It doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or that there’s some sort of residue coating me.  Though, it is an aftershave splash so, I do feel a little dried out if I don’t moisturize afterwards.  

Completing my Shave of the Day with Sir Irisch Moos

The negative is that it is a bit pricy for a non-artisan brand and I can’t get it locally.  As of this writing, the 100 ml bottle that I have goes for around 25 to 40 dollars depending on where you shop.  Compared to (as of this writing) 3.4 oz of Proraso Green for around 14.00 USD or 12.5 oz of Pinaud Clubman for around 17.00 USD on Amazon.

Depending on where you shop, a 3.4 fl oz bottle like this can run from around $25 to $40.

For the price, I may opt to replenish one of my staples like Fine Accoutrements or Captain’s Choice.  But overall, this is a very enjoyable aftershave.  I get the satisfying and bracing sting that I like in my aftershaves; and I find the scent lasting and enjoyable – what I pretty much look for in after shave performance.

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