Monday, December 12, 2022

Proraso Green Shave Cream Soap - A Review

Proraso is a brand that I was first introduced to when a former boss gave the team small Christmas gifts one year.  This was a long time ago.  A time when I was exclusively using a Mach 3 cartridge razor; MySpace was emerging in popularity; and Harry’s Razors wasn’t even a thing.  I received the Proraso Green Preshave cream in my little gift bag. Back then, I had no idea what this brand was and I didn’t know what a preshave cream was.  I was still using canned foam.

Proraso Green Shave Soap in a Tub in one of my Shaves of the Day

When I first tried it, I knew immediately knew that I liked the cooling sensation and the scent.   That was my introduction to Proraso.  Since then I’ve had the chance to use and become a fan of the different varieties of scents and products that they offer.  The Proraso White Shaving Soap remains one of my favorite scents. 

The Proraso Green Shave Soap is a very soft soap; widely considered a croap

This Proraso soap is a very soft soap with an off-white in color and it smells like soap with a mild eucalyptus scent.  If you take a eucalyptus and blend it with a mild aroma of an Arko shave stick – that’s what it reminds me of.  That’s not a bad thing; I like the scent.  The Proraso green shaving soap doesn’t require a ton of water to get a thick protective lather.  It applies easily; washes off easily; the already mild scent doesn’t linger; it doesn’t leave my face or head feeling dried out; and because of the menthol I get a cooling tingle when applied. All in all, it always contributes to a great shave experience.

I find Proraso shave soaps easy to lather.

As I wrote previously, Proraso scents are something that I’ll always associate with wet shaving.  Perhaps because I was first exposed to one of their products at a time when I was just using canned dollar store foam or perhaps it’s because the company has been around since the early 1900s. But the Proraso shaving soaps in a tub are a staple in the shave den.  Proraso is becoming more widely available, from my local grocery store to Amazon to a number of shave stores across the Internet.  The accessibility to this classic line has never been greater.

Proraso products at my local grocery store!


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