Sunday, June 5, 2022

Le Grand Bain Shaving Cream ... from Sheraton?

I remember when the complementary hotel shampoo would dry out your hair (not that I have that concern any more) or the body lotion was so perfumy and would actually dry out your hands.  Body wash wasn’t even part of the mix.   Many hotels over the years have gotten much better over the years and I’ve come to expect better smelling and performing products.  For the most part they are.  I’ve only seen complementary shaving cream a few times and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But, I hate to say it, my expectations were low.  

Shave of the day with the Sheraton Le Grand Bain Shave Cream

One instance was when we at a Sheraton.  I was surprised to see they had a tube of shaving cream on the counter.  The 20 ml tube read: le grand bain Citron + Vetiver.  Hmm … sounds intriguing.
I dispensed small amount of cream onto my brush. First impression was that I liked the scent.  The citron and vetiver combination made for a fresh, masculine, citrus combination.  It was rather tame.  The scent wasn’t so overpowering where it just lingered in the air.  I needed to force a little air out of the tube to smell it.  Next, I noticed the cream had a glossy white appearance; it reminded me of the Derby shave creams in a tube.  

Dispensing some Le Grand Bain cream onto my brush.

I started to lather.  To my surprise it started to develop that familiar, smooth, lather that other well performing shave creams yield.  After applying I waited a few moments just to see if it would thin.  I was pleased that it did not.  

I used my fairly aggressive Muhle R102 razor with a Dorco ST300 blade.  I found that the lather of the le grand bain shave cream had a nice slickness and did a good job protecting my skin.  It effortlessly washed away; didn’t leave me feeling like my face was dried out; or that I was in a cologne showroom.  All in all, a pleasant experience.  

Happy that I got a nice lather with this shave cream

Surprisingly, this delightful shaving cream isn’t available on the Sheraton Store site.  Though numerous listings on and eBay for it.  Personally, I wouldn’t pay the prices that some sellers are asking.  I could only hope that the Sheraton Store will start listing it (at a reasonable price of course) for wet shavers to try.  I suppose, until then, I guess I have an excuse to lean towards staying at a Sheraton.

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