Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Closer Look at the Edwin Jagger Pearl Effect Handled Razors

I usually have a YouTube video that accompanies these types of posts.   They are a bit time consuming to create.  So, because of the whole changes in the YouTube monetization rules I figured I’d take a little break from creating them since they don’t garnish a lot of likes.  But, if you’ve enjoyed them or if you see them as helpful let me know.  That would be good motivation to keep going.  

Anyway, back to wet shaving stuff.

Edwin Jagger Razors with Pearl Effect Handles

Edwin Jagger’s line of razors with the Pearl Effect Handles were first introduced back in 2014 and were designed with women wet shavers in mind.   Compared to the popular Edwin Jagger DE89 the handles are bit longer; which is meant to get to the harder to reach areas.  The Pearl Effect razors measure approximately 4 inches in length whereas the DE89 measures about 3.75 inches. Weight-wise they are comparable; with each one weighing in at 2.6 ounces.

The Edwin Jagger DELBE14bl was roughly the length of the Merkur 38C but weighed as much as the Edwin Jagger DE89

Lengthwise it is closer to another razor that I have in the arsenal: the Merkur 38C.  However, at 4 ounces, the 38C outweighs the Edwin Jagger Pearl Effect handled razors.  The handle of the Merkur 38C is bulkier and the extra 1.4 ounces gives it some heft.

Weight of one of the Edwin Jagger Pearl Effect Handled Razors
These Edwin Jagger razors are available in four different colors: Rose (DELRO14bl), Blue (DELBE14bl), Lilac (DELLI14bl), and Pink (DELPI14bl).   From what I’ve read the handles are constructed of acrylic.  But, to me, it has the appearance and texture of porcelain.  Compared to the other acrylic handled razors, I think the Pearl Effect razors look quite elegant.  

Pearl Effect handled DELBE14bl compared to the faux ivory DEL8714bl
Apart from the cartridge razors, Edwin Jagger appears to use the same razor head for the safety razors.  So, I find that a DELLI14bl shaves the same as DE89.  So, even though they were designed with women in mind, I see no reason why men cannot use it especially if they want to add a little more color to the razor collection. 

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