Saturday, March 31, 2018

Dr. Jon's Aphrodite: A Fruity and Floral Scent

Dr. Jon’s Aphrodite scent is described as a blend of rose, pomegranate, black currant and apple to make a sweet and floral fragrance designed for either men or women.  The soap performs well, the aftershave has a satisfying sting, and I really like the packaging designs. However, the scent really isn’t my thing. While I use them on occasion I will have to say that floral scents aren’t really my thing.
Dr. Jon's Aphrodite Shave Soap and Aftershave Tonic
Like other Dr. Jon’s Shaving Soap that I’ve used, Aphrodite provided a nice, thick, and protective lather without much effort.  As far as the scent strength: I found that is fairly strong when smelling in the tin but isn’t overpowering when face lathering.  The scent washes away and doesn’t linger when rinsing off.   I have the 2 oz tin, which I believe is now out of production.  Though, as of this writing, a 4oz tin is available on Dr. Jon’s web store.

The 4oz Tin was available from Dr. Jon's site.
At one point Dr. Jon’s had a complementing Aftershave Tonic, which also I believe has since been discontinued.  As of this writing, I am not seeing the Aphrodite Aftershave Tonic on their website. The splash has a nice sting to it and I feel that it has a gradually escalating, menthol burn to it which kind of reminds me of the burn I get with Captain’s Choice Cat O’Nine Tails.  I’m not certain if others have experienced this, but with wet shaving Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV).  As far as the scent of the aftershave goes, I found Aphrodite to be strong.  About an hour after applied to just my upper lip and chin I was still aware of its presence.  I thought that maybe it was just because it was under my nose but people who sat across from me at dinner made it known that they could smell it.

The scent isn't really my thing, but I thought the lather was great.

Overall, I’m a fan of the Dr. Jon’s line of shaving soap and aftershave tonics.  Like I mentioned previously, floral scents aren’t really my thing.  It’s a Dr. Jon’s shaving soap, so I enjoy using it for the performance and because the aroma easily washes away.  Regrettably, the lingering smell from aftershave tonic isn’t something I can confidently wear.

Are you a fan of Dr. Jon’s Shave soaps and aftershave tonics?  Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

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