Sunday, February 11, 2018

Aremel Aremel Soaps-n-Such Shaving Soap

Some time ago we went to the Buffalo Saturday Artisan Market. With this type of marketplace, I like to browse the soap makers’ offerings.  Not only looking for appealing scents and shapes that that both my (now) wife, but also see if they offer a shave soap or if they have line of shaving soaps.

Canalside, Buffalo for the Artian Market
During this particular visit, I discovered a stand for Aremel Soaps-n-Such.  Based out of Buffalo, NY they’ve been making soaps since 1999.  They had a number of really neat designs but I was drawn to their “Scented Shaving Soap.”  There were two pucks (each weighed about 1.5 oz) that were packaged in cellophane, tied with ribbon and a tag containing the name as well as a list of the ingredients.  I think I may have paid about $6.00 for it, so I felt it was worth the try.
The Aremel Shaving Soap
There were no directions on the tag, so I decided to just dive in.  I took a wet badger brush to one of the pucks.  With puck in hand, I loaded the brush.  Pretty quickly the Cool Whip-like consistency started to develop; which I took this as a good sign.  After having a sufficient amount of soap loaded I started to face lather.  I worried that it would yield an unstable lather.  But, it went on nicely.  I waited about 30 seconds to see if it would fade.  Fortunately, it didn’t.
Lathering the Aremel Shaving Soap 
This shaving soap by Aremel Soap, yielded a slick and protective lather as well. When shaving, the razor easily glided over my skin. For this test I used a mild razor: my Edwin Jagger DE3D14bl armed with a Treet Stainless Steel Razor blade. As I had hoped, I finished the shave with no nicks, cuts, or irritation.
Got a nice, slick, and protective, with this soap.
As far as the scent goes, I’m not certain how I would describe it.  To me it smells a bit floral and cologne-y.  It does have a masculine air about it. But when asking my wife for her impression she described it as combination of floral scents.  When applied it is a bit stronger than some of the other shaving soaps that I’ve used; which is not a bad thing, I am just a little more aware I’m using this soap compared to some of my other wet shaving favorites. 

SOTD with the Aremel Shaving Soap
In closing, I was really impressed with the Aremel Soaps-n-Such Shaving Soap.  If I were to choose a downside, I’d have to go with the scent. But for the price, I think it was worth the try.  As of this writing, I am not seeing this soap on The Aremel Soaps-n-Such Etsy store or their Facebook page.  I suppose I’ll check back from time to see if they’ll have a shaving soap is available. But if not, they have a number of others that are pretty neat (in my opinion); such as a Moai shaped soap and a Lucky Cat bar.  
Did like the lather from this shaving soap.
Have you tried any soap from Aremel Soaps-n-Such? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

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