Sunday, May 20, 2018

Soap Commander Confidence Shave Soap and Aftershave Balm

Patchouli is not one of my favorite scents.  Blended with other scents, it could create a nice aroma.  My wife on the other hand just hates patchouli.  If she senses a hint of it (even if blended with something else) she has me wash it off.  So there are scents, like Soap Commander’s Confidence, that I have to use sparingly around her.

Soap Commander Confidence: Because of the patchouli, I have to use this sparingly around my wife.
Soap Commander describes Confidence as “a smooth, sensual and suave blend with notes of honey, musk, and a hint of patchouli.” Personally, I think it’s a sweet but masculine scent that I really enjoy. I can use the soap a bit more regularly as the scent doesn’t linger after washing off.  Though, as a shower shaver, I have to be more thoughtful in making sure the shower stall is thoroughly rinsed.   Regrettably, I cannot use the aftershave balm when I am around her as the scent sticks around for a while. 
One of my SOTD's using the Confidence Shave Soap.
As with the other Soaps by Soap Commander that I’ve tried, I feel that I get a nice, voluminous lather with a nice protective cushion to it.  With the Soap Commander Soaps, I’ve gotten into the habit of using the Marco Method (a soaking wet brush will barely any water shaken out).  I feel like I get the best results doing this, but as with most things wet shaving … Your mileage may vary (YMMV).

Building a lather: As I typically get with other Soap Commander Soap it's voluminous and slick. 
The Confidence Aftershave Balm is a white lotion that smells very close to the soap.  Smelling directly from the bottle it has a minty-like quality to the scent, which I attribute to the added menthol.  But  after applying that seems to go away and it smells very close to the scent of the soap.  As I’ve written in previous posts, I am more of a splash guy.  But on occasion I’ll use an alum block and then this balm if I want to enjoy the sweet and musky scent of Soap Commander’s Confidence.  

Confidence after shave balm has a hint of yellow to it.
As a side note, I’ve also started using the Soap Commander Balms as a Pre-Shave on occasion.  Personally, I find that I get a similar sensation as applying the Proraso Green PreshaveCream.  Plus, with the added Shae Butter I feel that it helps to help to keep the skin hydrated.  It’s not something I’m suggesting others do, but I’ve found that some balms work as a preshave for me.

On occasion, I'll use the Soap Commander After Shave balm as a pre-shave lotion.
I really do like Soap Commander’s Confidence scent.  Even though it does have hints of patchouli, it’s not something that I could personally pick up on since it’s blended with notes of honey and musk.  Just wish it was a fragrance that my wife enjoyed more. 

What are your thoughts on patchouli, patchouli blends, and on Soap Commander’s Confidence? Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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