Sunday, November 27, 2016

Local Gent Shaving Co Tobacco Lounge Shaving Cream

I think I first became acquainted with Local Gent Shaving Co via Instagram.   They had a few scent names that I found intriguing: Tobacco Lounge, California Barber, and The Mariner: store was still up and running and the first products of theirs that we started carrying were the preshave oil, shaving cream,  and after shave lotion.  We would carry the shave pucks a little later.  

Personally, I find it easier to use a smaller brush with the Local Gent Shaving Cream containers.  
By this point in my wet shaving life, I had tried a different varieties of a few scent families: eucalyptus and mint; lemon, lime and citrus; barbershop; sandalwood; and bay rum.   I hadn’t really experienced a Tobacco based shaving cream at this point. I was intrigued by the Local Gent Tobacco Lounge Shaving Cream. Initially because of the tobacco scent; but also because the blue containers with the yellow labels stood out; they were a different size, shape and color than other things we were carrying at the time.   

The packaging of Tobacco Lounge has been updated, Pictured here are a couple of older versions.
Local Gent Shaving Co describes the Tobacco Lounge scent as: “a fresh and sweet musk to create those sweet high notes and the feeling of being in a classic cigar lounge.”  I don’t smoke and I haven’t spent any time in cigar lounges, so I can’t really compare it to the aroma of one.  It doesn’t remind me of any of the tobacco that I’ve smelled in my life (cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco).   I do like the scent of the Local Gent Tobacco Lounge shaving cream.  To my nose, I would probably describe it as a ‘clean’ smell mixed with leather.   This may be what an actual tobacconist might smell like; but I can’t say that with any certainty.  But I can say that I to like it. 
Consistency wise, it reminded me of some of my other favorite shaving creams, like TOBS for example
As the name implies, it is a shaving cream and it does have a soft and light consistency to it. It reminded me of some of my other favorite shaving creams, like Taylor of Old Bond Street Lemon Lime, Proraso Green, or Derby Lemon shaving cream. The packaging doesn’t contain any directions.  So I applied it as I do with tube shaving cream: placing a small amount on the brush or face and then face lather.   While that method worked I discovered that swirling a wet brush over the cream to load it worked better for me. When face lathering, it proved to build a dense, slick, and protective lather.   The scent was enjoyable and not very noticeable after I had rinsed my face.
I really liked the lather it produced. Plus it was easy to build.
The Local Gent Tobacco Lounge shaving cream comes in a 4 oz jar.  The packaging has been updated a few times since I’ve purchased mine.  I still do like the yellow labels but the updated artwork with the picture of the pipe and the logo are pretty eye catching as well.   I suppose that gives me a reason to use it more regularly and get the more updated packaging.   
The ingredients listed on bottom of container. 
Have you tried the Local Gent Shaving Co shaving creams? Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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