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Razor MD Post Shave Lotions

Many of the post shave lotions that I’ve tried, such as Col Conk Natural Line or the Every Man Jack Post-Shave face lotion don't contain menthol like some of the balms that I enjoy.  Admittedly, I tend to prefer a splash as my post shave treatment of choice.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t conclude my shaves in other ways.  If I think the scent of a splash would clash with the aroma of a balm, I may opt to use an alum block first and then apply an aftershave balm.   That’s the great thing about wet shaving; the possibilities of discovery and for enjoyment seem endless.
Available in three scents: Herbal Blend, Essential Sandalwood and Natural Unscented
Most products described as a post shave lotion I’ll tend to classify along with facial moisturizers. I find that many of them are good at moisturizing and hydrating my skin after a shave, but don’t really provide the satisfying astringent quality my skin usually craves immediately after a shave.  As a result, I typically use a post shave lotion after I’ve applied my aftershave splash or even balm.
The Razor MD Post Shave Lotion is a fairly thin, white liquid
So even though the Razor MD Post Shave Lotions directions for use indicate to “Apply the Post Shave Lotion liberally over face and neck after shaving,” I have to use an aftershave splash, alum block, or even witch hazel first.  For me, if I don't use some sort of astringent first, I'll usually break out (particularly on my upper lip and sides of my head) if I only use a post shave lotion on freshly shaved skin. 
I'll tend to use the Herbal Blend Post Shave Lotion with other lavender scented shaving products

The Razor MD Post Shave Lotions are available in three scents.
  • Natural Unscented:  This lotion doesn’t contain any added fragrances but that doesn’t mean it is without scent.  The blend of the ingredients gives it a very mild aroma.  I can’t really describe it other than it smells like a lotion. Since it’s fairly mild and fades pretty quickly, it’s a lotion I can use with any of my splashes or even balms.
  • Herbal Blend: The first thing that comes to my mind with products dubbed “herbal” is typically patchouli. My girlfriend isn’t a fan of that aroma, so I’ll tend to shy away from purchasing many “herbal” scents if I can't smell them first.  The Razor MD Herbal Blend doesn't have that kind of herbal smell. To my nose it smells mostly of lavender and it doesn't have a heave patchouli scent.  I like it and I’ll tend to use this with lavender, floral, or even menthol scents.  
  • Sandalwood: I really like their sandalwood scent.  This is the same sandalwood scent used in the RazorMD Popeye Shave Collection (we did a post on that awhile ago too). It is kind of a “sweeter” sandalwood scent rather than a spicier kind (like Proraso red).  So this is a lotion that I’ll tend to use usually when I’m going with a woodsy (sandalwood or cedarwood) themed shave of the day. 

I do like using this lotion for soothing non shaving irritation; such as on my nose when I have a cold or on my neck if my dress shirt and tie is rubbing against my skin.  But it isn’t something I can use immediately after a shave without a some sort of astringent first.  As a general facial and scalp moisturizer I like it and it does a decent job moisturizing my skin.  It is a fairly thin, white liquid and I apply gradually in small amounts. I find that applying too much quickly can leave a pretty oily residue.  Even when applying in small amounts it leaves a glossy finish; which may not be for everyone.

Have you tried Razor MD’s Post Shave Lotions?  Leave us a comment below let us know what you think.

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