Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tweezerman Shave Brush

I bought this brush at Marshall’s a couple of years ago.   It had badger brush printed on the plastic sleeve (which I no longer have), it was inexpensive, and my girlfriend liked her Tweezerman make up brushes. So, it had all the ingredients of an ideal wet shaving impulse buy.
Impulse buy: Tweezerman Shave Brush
This is a brush that I haven’t used in quite some time.  Truth be told, I completely forgot about it and rediscovered it when I was straightening out the shave den.  On Amazon the Tweezerman Shave Brush has a 4 star review.  So it appears that the majority of the reviewers generally like it.  Though there are some negative reviews … mostly on the bristles falling out and that horrible badger hair smell. 
Tweezerman Brush (Right) Knotted up after a few uses.  Didn't experience this was some of my other brushes, like the Fine Badger Brush (left)
At first, this brush really did stink. I am of the belief that it smelled much worse and for much longer than many of my other shave brushes.  The smell did finally go away after multiple washings and even uses.  While I didn’t have a problem with the hairs falling out after a number of uses the brush didn’t perform as well as I’d hope.  
I did like the feel of the hair.  It was soft, but did have a nice scratchiness to it when touching the ends to my face.  However after a few lathers, the hairs of the brush seemed to get tangled up.  It seemed to get a little worse each time I loaded the brush.  So after a few more uses I put it away.   

The Vulfix 2006 Brush was roughly the same dimensions as the Tweezerman.

Size and weight wise, it is comparable to my Vulfix 2006brush.  The total height of the Vulfix brush measures about 97 mm with a plastic handle measuring about 50 mm and a weight of about 1.6 oz.  Whereas the total height of the Tweezerman Shave Brush measures about 97 mm with the wood handle measuring about 48mm and a weight of about 1.1 oz.  The Tweezerman has a wood handle feels a little light in the hands.  For the price, I wasn’t expecting a solid, hand turned, wooden handle.  But I feel that the plastic handle of the Vulfix feels a little sturdier.
Loading the brush
Overall my experience with the Tweezerman Shaving Brush wasn’t ideal. I don’t know if it was my technique or maybe I just didn’t get the best brush from the lot.  Despite the tangles, the brush works and it’s a brush that gets the job done.   I would more than likely just reach for a different brush in the collection first.  While I probably won’t go out of my way to get another one, it would be another impulse buy at the right price if I saw it at Marshall’s or Ross’s or Ollie’s.  

Have you tried the Tweezerman Shave Brush?  What do you think?

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