Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Closer Look at The Master Barber Classic Safety Razor

The Master Barber CM0690 Safety Razor is a single piece twist to open (TTO) or butterfly open design. The butterfly doors open and close by twisting collar.  The CM0690 is nickel plated, has the Master Barber logo featured on one of the butterfly doors, and has a textured handle to help prevent it from slipping.

The razor is made in Pakistan as indicated by the printing on the bottom of handle.  I’ve had my Master Barber razor for some time.  It hasn’t been used heavily, but the lettering of the country of manufacture has worn off.  We show this in the above YouTube video.  The Master Barber Classic Safety Razor, measures about 4.25” and weighs roughly 1.9 oz.
Master Barber CM0690 Classic Safety Razor
The Master Barber Razor (center) was about as long as my iKon Tech razor (left) and weight a little more than the Feather Popular DE (right)
For the price, I think this it is decent razor.   While I find it to be an aggressive razor I don’t find it to be proportionately effective.   To me it feels that there is a lot of blade touching the skin and I struggle with finding the proper angle for an effective with the grain (WTG) pass.   Though, I do find it to be pretty effective for my against the grain pass.
Master Barber Safety Razor
Found it to be an aggressive razor, but could not find the most effective WTG angle.  Maybe it has to do with the blade gap?

I also feel that I had to be careful when choosing a blade to use with this razor.  For some reason blades that don’t really work for me but could normally yield an adequate shave with in a Merkur or Edwin Jagger Razor (such as: Crown, Derby, Shark Super Stainless, or Merkur razor blades) would irritate my skin in the Master Barber Razor.  A really sharp blade like the Feather worked well after the second or third shave. Prior to that, I was more prone to giving myself a weeper.  So far, I did have the best luck with the Wilkinson Swords, Crystal , and the Personna Blue razor blades; though, im sure I’ll be trying it with others eventually.  That’s the great thing about wet shaving as a hobby, there are so many products and combinations to try.

Master Barber CM0690 Classic Safety Razor Shave of The Day
Haven't seen the Master Barber Razor in many SOTD photos
I haven’t seen many use this razor in their Shave of The Days photos on Instagram,  Facebook groups, or any other social media outlets.  So, if you’ve tried the Master Barber Classic Safety Razor, please leave a comment below.  Would love to hear about the experience others have had with this this razor.

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  1. I used it and agree with your assessment of how it shaves, seems to do better against the grain as opposed to with the grain, and there is a lot of blade on the skin. stopped using it and went to Rockwell DE razor.