Thursday, December 26, 2013

iKon, Muhle, and MWF now available at!

So, Christmas has come and gone.   Hope Santa Claus gave you what you wanted this year. Here at, Santa had dropped by and left some new products under our tree.  

We’re very happy to say that we now have products by Mitchell’s Wool Fat (MWF) Soap, iKon Razors, and Muhle! 

MWF Shaving Soap Refill Puck

Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap was first produced in the early 1930's by Bradford, Yorkshire, chemist Fred Mitchell who realized the natural lanolin content of wool fat, which kept the hands of local sheep shearers and wool sorters soft, could also be suitable for sensitive skin.  When the sheep’s coat is clipped, wool is  sorted and the lanolin rich wool fat is removed before the spinning and dyeing take place.  We’re happy to be carrying the Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap.

iKon OSS, Standard Head, and Deluxe Open Comb Razors

iKon razors were born out of a person’s desire to have a stainless steel safety razor made to their specifications.  The models we currently have are the iKon Standard Head (closed comb/safety bar), iKon Deluxe Open Comb, and the iKon OSS which features a razor head with both a safety bar and open comb.  These razors features a fully machined, 85mm long, iKon Bulldog handle and has a sleek, uniform, scratchproof matte finish. We’re also carrying the iKon Razor base and their leather safety razor case.

Muhle R102, R41 Rosegold, and R89 Grande Razors

Muhle started in 1945 making shaving brushes in a washhouse. Since then, Muhle produces a wide range of products for wet shaving, including safety razors, shaving soap, and accessories.   We’re happy to be carrying the Muhle products in our store including their safety razors like the R41 and R89 models;  Muhle shaving brushes including a few Silvertip Fibres synthetic brushes; and Muhle Shave creams and  soaps. 

Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shaving Creams and Shaving Soap

Lastly, we haven’t written about Taylor of Old Bond Street. We’ve had the line for a few months, but looking back at some older posts, we never announced it on our blog.  We’re very happy to have Taylor of Old Bond Street (TOBS) products at 

We are very excited have these products in our catalog. Drop by our site today and check them out. 

We’ll be adding another popular line in the coming weeks. If you care to guess which brand it is, feel free to leave it in the comments section below

 … stay tuned for more!

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