Friday, August 23, 2013

When My Hair Thinned - Taking The Plunge to Shave My Head

When I was 30 I was in Jacksonville, FL on a business trip.  I remember fussing with my hair in the mirror and for some reason, it was just combing differently.  At the time, I blamed it on the Florida humidity. But the past few months prior to then, more hair seemed to be winding up on the comb than staying on my head. The harsh reality was that my hair was falling out and this was the point where it was going to become noticeable.

Over the next few years, my hair thinned more and more. I denied it and convinced myself that having it combed a certain way would give the appearance of having a full head of hair. I finally accepted it when I was in Sam’s Club walking down an aisle that had video cameras displayed.   When I looked at one of the monitors, the camera was exposing reflections of the fluorescent lights on my head. I was devastated.

I lamented and then took the plunge shave my head.  I started with clippers, then tried using my Mach 3 Razor, then disposable razors, and so on.   I experimented with a few different shaving devices, creams, and aftershaves in order to find the cheapest shave.  Well … going for the cheapest shave frequently gave me razor rashes and would dry out my skin.   Since then I've tried to go for a balance of cost and quality.

There are a lot of things I still use, but some recent favorites are the HeadBlade Sport Razor AND the HeadBlade ATX.  Yes … I use both.  I like the ATX for the back of my head because I can closely shave behind my ears and the base of my neck. I like the HeadBladeSport for the top and sides of my head – I have two subtle crevices on top that only the Sport can only get to.

There are a lot of nice creams too, like the HeadBladeHeadSlick, Bold For Men Waterless Shave Gel, or Bulldog Natural Skincare’sOriginal Shave Gel.  I feel these allow the razor to glide nicely over the head … and they are thick enough that (if you don’t use too much or water it down) that the slurry of stubble and shave cream shouldn't run everywhere.  The three smell very different, so it comes down to preference.

To finish the routine off, the new Game Day Men’s Aftershave to cool the skin was worth trying.  Its serum based (opposed to alcohol based) and provides the refreshing tingle that I like after I shave.  To protect HeadBladeHeadLube SPF30 or Every Man Jack SPF15 Face Lotion are nice options because they offer UV protection (which I probably could have used back in Jacksonville).

So, if you were like and considering taking the plunge to shave your head, consider a few of these items for the routine. I’ve tried a lot of products (more than what was written about here) and am always up for trying others, so feel free to share your ideas!

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