Friday, August 16, 2013

Introducing Game Day Mens Grooming Products

Game Day Men Complete Set
Game Day is a father son brand launched in 2013 by father and son team, Dr. Kerry Demascus and Demetri Demascus who wanted to offer a high-end skincare products designed for the athletes.   Incidentally, check out their story on Using Pear Cactus Extract to provide relief for the skin and Alpine Willowherb Extract to regulate the skins oil production, it is the choice for the active man who needs to wash away the sweat and grime of their rigorous daily life. 

Game Day offers a Pre-Shave to help prevent ingrown and clear complexion; an SPF30+ Moisturizer for hydrating and protecting the skin; an Aftershave for cooling and soothing skin after shaving; a Shower Gel Body and Face Cleanser for washing away dirt and sweat; and a Charging Spray to refresh, revive, awaken, and recharge the skin. 

Made in the USA, these items are available individually or via different Game Day Sets: The Shaving Set, Active Living Set, or the Complete Set 

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