Thursday, August 29, 2013

Would you shave your head with a Double Edge Razor?

… or anything other than your face for that matter. 

Well, I decided try a safety razor on my entire head one day.  I suppose the story starts out like any other, I was shaving my face and figured, “hmmm … why not.”   On this day I was using:
Dreadnought Spartan Razor and Blades

I was able to shave my face as well as the back, sides, and MOST of the top of my head without any problems.  But, I have a couple of subtle crevices on my head that only my HeadBlade Sport can get to.  I went over this crevice from front to back a couple of times and just could not get to it.   So, I tried to shave it left to right … and this is when I cut myself (I know, not a very smart thing to do).

I know I only tried once and only tried one combination of products. But my journey into DE head shaving was not very eventful.  I would have no problems using a safety razor on most of my head, but those little nuances in my gourde will need to be taken care of with something else.

Have you tried shaving your head, or anything other than your face, using a double edge razor?  If so, feel free to share the story of your experience with us. 
Personally … I can use the advice :-)

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