Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A Closer Look at The Edwin Jagger DE86RC14bl Safety Razor

The Edwin Jagger DE86RC14bl double edge razor debuted back in 2014 and have had it in the routine since then.  It is a three piece, closed comb/safety bar razor and features a rubber coated handle for an improved grip.  The handle measures roughly 3.375 inches. The whole razor measures about 3.75 inches from end to end and weighs 2.7 oz according to our scale.

The DE86RC14bl (right) measured the same as the DE89.

To compare it to another popular razor in the Edwin Jagger family, the DE89 measured and weighed same as the DE86RC14bl.  As a side note, in a previous post we measured a weight of 2.6 oz for the DE89.  I measured it with the same scale but in a different room and would attribute the small weight difference to that.  I have the DE89 and the Dreadnought Spartan Razor and use them from time to time.  Because of the similar dimensions, weight, and aggressiveness of shave to the DE89 and the Spartan, the DE86RC14bl feels very familiar in the hands.

The similar weights of the DE89 (right) and the DE86RC14bl

Like the other Edwin Jagger razors I’ve tried, the DE86RC14bl is what many would describe as a mild shave.  As a result, it is often touted as a good razor for the beginner.   Personally, I also like Edwin Jagger razors for when I try out a new blade.  The mild shave allows me to ease into the aggressiveness of a blade by trying a few shaves with a mild razor and gradually try the blade with aggressive razors.  I do like the black rubber coated handle and find that it helps my grip a bit with wet or even soapy hands.  Still, I try to remain in the practice of rinsing the soap off my hands because the last thing I want to do risk having it slip and cutting my face or head. 

One of my Shaves of the Day when I used the DE86RC14bl with a 7AM blade

Overall, I find that the Edwin Jagger DE86RC14bl is just a nice razor to have in the collection.

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