Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Soap Commander Respect Scent

Lime is one of those scents that I associate with the summertime.  I suppose I associate it with Margaritas, Mojitos, or other summertime cocktails.  One unique lime scent is Soap Commander’s Respect.  Described on their site as “ … a lovely deep earthiness with a well-balanced, sophisticated respectful kiss of lime … ”.  Respect is a blend of lime and patchouli. So, I would imagine that it’s the patchouli that gives Respect that unique “earthiness” quality. 

Soap Commander's Respect Shave Soap and Aftershave Balm
To me, the scent is fairly strong.  It doesn’t fill up the room when opening the container. But, I could hold my nose about 6 inches away from an open container and get a nice whiff of it.   Whatever washes away from my head and face, faintly remains in the sink or shower and I could sometimes smell it when I go back to the bathroom. 

Messily building a lather

I wrote about a different Soap Commander patchouli blend in a previous post, Soap Commander Confidence Shave Soap and Aftershave Balm.  In that post I noted that I had to use Confidence sparingly because my wife dislikes patchouli.  Even though (to me) Respect is pleasant and smells primarily of lime, the patchouli in this soap is what my wife notices.  So, this is another scent that I like that I have to use sparingly.  

Personally, I think Pinaud's Lime Sec goes well with Respect
As far as the lather goes, I get a thick and protective one that has a good cushion and slickness.  As with any of the Soap Commander soaps that I’ve tried, this is a constant and a characteristic that I’ve come to expect from their shave soaps.  Like in previous posts, I’ve gotten into the habit of using the Marco Method when using Soap Commander soaps.  I frequently spend time in New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida. The water quality feels different between the states,  but this hasn’t affected the quality of lather I get with Soap Commander soap.  But as they say in the wet shaving world:  your mileage may vary (YMMV).

My Latest SOTD
I used the Respect Shave Soap for my latest shave of the day (or SOTD), which means my wife could smell the residual Respect aroma.  Of course with COVID19 shelter in place directives, perhaps shaving with this soap may not have been my smartest move. 

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  1. With the covid-19 going on I am not gonna be trying this any time soon, but I gotta say, I love the names they have for their products lol. RESPECT, CONFIDENCE, what a nice way to make men get them.

    Its like that thing with men makeup called warpaint. Clever marketing bastards.