Friday, September 2, 2016

Dr. Jon's Black And Gold Label Soap and Aftershave

A while ago we wrote a post on a wet shaving favorite of many: Dr. Jon’s Handcrafted Soap Co.  At the time we wrote that blog post, the company had just started out and the Black and Gold Label scents had not been released. The soaps would be released in early to mid 2015 and the Black and Gold Label aftershaves would follow later that year.
Black Label and Gold Label Aftershaves
These two Dr. Jon scents are a tobacco based fragrance.  According to the Dr. Jon’s website, the Black Label scent paired conventional masculine fragrances of Tobacco, Bergamot, and Oakmoss with the less than conventional floral and fruit notes, such as Violet, Lavender, and Strawberry, to create a lightly sweet, tobacco based aroma.
Dr Jon's Black Label Shave Soap and Aftershave
On the other hand, Dr. Jon’s describes the Gold Label scent as a more traditional scent with nothing sweet or fruity about it.  Gold Label blends Tobacco, Neroli, Leather, Amber, Evergreen and Clary Sage to create more of a spicy, earthy, tobacco based scent.
Described as a more traditional tobacco based scent: Dr. Jon's Gold Label
As with the other Dr. Jon’s Soaps that I’ve used, the Gold and Black label performed as expected.  It’s a rather soft soap, most likely considered by many to be a “croap”, that produces hearty, slick, and protective lather.   Scent wise, there is a faint residual aroma.  I typically use an alum stick or block after my shave and rinse of the residue with soap.  So, after this segment of the routine that residual aroma washes away when I rinse the alum off my face and head.
Dr. Jon's utilized a soft soap formulation for ease of lathering.
On the other hand, the scent of the aftershave splashes seem much more long lasting; not just compared to the soap, but compared to the other Dr. Jon’s Aftershaves that I’ve used.  Personally, I find that I'm much more aware of aroma of the Black and Gold Label (and even Aphrodite) aftershaves for a longer period of time than Hydra, Anne Bonny, or Savannah Sunrise. Part of me wants to believe that Black Label and Gold Label are more distinct than the others so I’m more aware that I have it on.  Though it's probably more plausible that they're just stronger scents.
Gold Label Lather
The Dr. Jon Aftershave splashes contain alcohol, witch hazel, aloe, menthol as well as some other ingredients. So, I find that they do provide that bracing sting that I enjoy with my splashes.  Despite this, I do find that I need to use the Black Label and Gold Label aftershaves sparingly.  While I do like to use them to interject a little more variety of fragrance into my routine; the Gold Label and Black Label scents just do not appeal to my girlfriend’s nose.  While I may be tad upset that I can’t wear it as frequently as I would like, I do understand that the tobacco blends just aren’t for everyone.

Happy girlfriend. Happy Life.

Are you a fan of the tobacco scents? Do you prefer the Dr. Jon's Gold Label or Black Label. Please leave a comment below and let us know.

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