Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Fanciful Fox Shaving Oil

I think I discovered The Fanciful Fox at the Craft and Vendor Fair on Scranton Courthouse Square a few years ago.  The Fanciful Fox is a company that makes vegan soap, shampoos and other vegan bath and body products; including a line of products geared towards gentleman with some wet shaving staples such as shaving cream, shaving soap, and aftershave.
The Fanciful Fox Shaving Oil: Label has been updated since purchased my bottle.
While I didn’t buy anything at the fair, I did go back to their store located (at the time) in downtown Scranton.  One of the items that I purchased from that visit was their shaving oil. According to the directions on the bottle, the product was designed to be used as a standalone lubricant for shaving.  Admittedly, I use it as a preshave oil rather than a just a shave oil.
While directions indicate to use as standalone shaving lubricant, I use it as a preshave oil.
This shaving oil is currently available in three varieties:
  • Dapper: Patchouli based blend mixed with spicy notes
  • Spiffy:  Bergamot based blend with herbal and lavender notes
  • Rakish: A woodsy blend with a cedar base and herbal notes

I opted for the Dapper blend. It definitely smells “herbally.” I like it and I feel it’s a pretty distinct aroma; it doesn’t smell like anything else that I currently have in the den. Because I use it as a preshave oil, I find that the scent is doesn’t linger. It isn’t a strong aroma. But because of the distinct herbal scent of the Dapper Shave Oil, I do feel that I have to be selective with the soap or cream that I use with it.  While I’ve used it with a variety of soap and cream scents, I find that lavender, lime, lemon, or even menthol (like Proraso Green Shaving Cream for example) varieties mix better with the Dapper Scent..

The ingredient list from the label
The Fanciful Fox has since relocated to Brooklyn, NY. While their products sold at a few nearby shops, as well as being available online, I’m a little sad that I can't go “up da line” (in Northeastern Pennsylvania speak) and walk in their store to buy a few wet shaving favorites.  Since I’ve purchased my shaving oil, The Fanciful Fox has redesigned their labels and has also expanded the line of men’s products. As mentioned previously, they have a shaving soap and shaving cream that is now on my personal want list.  I’m going to have to keep checking to see what else they’ll come out with.
The Fanciful Fox Shaving Oil in the Dapper variety is a yellowish color. 
Have you tried any of The Fanicful Fox products?  Please leave a comment below and let us know. 

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