Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Little More On HeadBlade's HeadSlick Shaving Cream

When I first started shaving my head, there was a time in particular that I experienced a bad razor rash.  It was on the left side of my head mostly on my parietal ridge.  I would touch it and it felt like a cluster of small pins penetrating the first few layers of skin on my head.  I hated that feeling. In order to try to avoid, or at least reduce, this with future head shaves; I decided on the spot to start making changes in the routine.  This would ultimately point me to traditional wet shaving, but that’s a different story.
HeadSlick is Still In My Rotation, Usually on the Head Shave Polishing Pass
One of the changes I made was shifting from the canned goo from the dollar store to a new shave cream. I’ve tried many back then, one of which was HeadBlade’s HeadSlick which still remains in the rotation today.  I mostly use it on my head.  But as the tagline says, “use it anywhere you shave” … so I’ll occasionally use it on my face.
Where Can HeadSlick be Used?
I really like HeadSlick and I thought it was a good alternative to an aerosol shaving cream can.  For one I like the slickness of this cream over just about any aerosol shave cream I’ve tried.  In my experience when using some of the really cheap shaving creams it would not provide adequate slickness. As a result, when running a razor over my head, it would invariably get snagged on spot that wasn’t sufficiently lubricated and would wind up cutting myself.  This happened particularly when using the HeadBlade sport.  Since the Sport pushes the blade over the stubble it would catch on section that wasn’t properly lubricated I would get some nasty gouges. 
Applied With The Fingers, HeadSlick Provided a Protective and Slick Coating with a Nice Mentholated Feel. 

This is also a mentholated cream; which is an attribute that I like.  HeadSlick has a fairly strong (my opinion) mentholated feel as well as aroma to it.  Even after the shave and when rinsed off, the cooling feeling that it leaves behind makes it feel as if I can go without an aftershave, though I do use something  just out of habit.   

While it’s probably not really a product for the shave brush fan. Though, in a previous post and YouTube video (below) we did test it to see if it would lather with a brush.  Personally, I was surprised and pleased with the results. 

Overall, HeadSlick is one of those products that will most likely remain in the rotation.  It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dried out after a shave, I like the cooling menthol feeling, and I don’t find it to linger around.  So, I feel that I can use just about any scent of aftershave balm or splash without worrying about a clash of smells.  Because there are a lot of other products in the shave den that I like to use, I'll probably opt for the 5 oz bottle rather than the 8 oz, so I don't keep it opened and on the shelf for too long.
I Use A Number of Other Products in the Routine, So The Smaller Bottle is the Better Option for Me.
Have you tried HeadBlade’s HeadSlick shaving cream? Better yet, paraphrasing what is on the bottle … Do you use it anywhere you shave?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

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