Thursday, May 28, 2015

Welcome to Cobra Country: The Cobra Razors CR1000 2-in-1 Razor

I suppose the story of Cobra Razors started with a case of RAD (Razor Acquisition Disorder).  But the company’s founder, Chris Coviello, wasn’t intentionally trying to build a razor collection.  Rather, he was in search of a razor that could meet both his head shaving and face shaving needs.

Early Sketch and Whittled Model of the CR1000
After years of looking, Chris settled on two different razors: one for the head and one for the face.  As the story goes, one day he looked at the two razors sitting on the bathroom vanity and thought that there has to be a way to combine the two.  So he began to sketch and make models that would eventually become the Cobra Razors CR1000.

Chris Demonstrates How to Use the CR1000

Cobra Razors was founded in 2013, and after close to three years of development the Cobra CR1000 dual use razor was born.  Made in the USA, the CR1000 was designed as a 2-in-1 razor that transforms from a face-shaving razor to a head-shaving razor with the click of a button. With the flick of that button, the CR1000 go from the closed or the “head” position to the open or “face” position (side note: I  think that the open position should be called “strike mode” … I just think it sounds more bad-ass, but that’s just my opinion.)
Open Position of the CR1000 - Personally I Think Calling it the "Strike" Position sounds more bad ass
In the head position the handle of the CR1000 becomes a finger grip for control as the Cobra Blade strikes even the hardest to reach places.  In the Face position, the Cobra Razors CR1000 handle flips out so the razor can be used for shaving the face. 
The CR1000 in Black Pictured with Accessories
The CR1000 includes comes with a Razor Stand, one 4-Blade Cartridge, and one 6-Blade Cartridge. It is available in one of three colors (Clear, Black, and a Lime Green (or Cobra Razors Yellow)) and comes in a uniquely styled Cobra Razors package.

Cobra Razors' Cobra Themed Packaging Pictured with the CR1000 in Clear
The company also offers a line of sundries as well, including 4-blade and 6-blade replacement cartridges, pre-shave glycerin soaps, a Shaving Gel with Aloe, and an Aftershave lotion to help round out the Cobra Razors system.  The philosophy is that Cobra Razors wants to offer a high quality line of products (from pre to post) for an enjoyable shave.
Also available from Cobra Razors: Replacement Blade Cartridges, Shaving Gel, and Aftershave lotion

Have you tried the Cobra Razors CR1000 or any other Cobra Razors product?  Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know.

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