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Shaving Shouldn’t Suck: A Little More on The Strop Shoppe

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 2007 and beginning to work towards a master’s degree in neuroscience, Kali McLennan wound up working in Information Technology.  However she missed the lab and the experience of creating something from base ingredients.

One of the First Product Photos from The Strop Shoppe
So Kali began making and selling soap.  In 2011, she discovered the wicked_edge subreddit and began working with key members in the community to develop a shaving soap.  After several months of testing and refining formulas, she finally had a soap that provided a great shave.  That product would go on to become The Strop Shoppe Original Formula that we know today.

Some of The Many Scents That The Strop Shoppe Offers

In 2012, The Strop Shoppe was born. While the company doesn’t sell strops, the name was developed to pay homage to the classic craft of wet shaving.   To use a common phrase of theirs: “Shaving Shouldn’t Suck.” The Strop Shoppe hand-crafted shaving soap is available in a number of fragrances, such as Bay Rum, Black Tie, and Teak Wood, and are designed to help one appreciate the pleasure of a shave and doesn’t leave them smelling like chemicals.  Since the company was called The Strop Shoppe, Kali had informed me that at one point the company nearly released a strop but opted against it.  Instead, the company focused on making shaving soaps. The company currently has three formulations:

Original Formula: This is the formulation that started it all.  The Strop Shoppe's Original Formula contains glycerin and is free of animal based products.  Glycerin has strong humectant and emollient properties, which helps to maintain a thick and creamy lather.  It is also a viscous liquid which helps the glide of the razor.

Original Formula Black Tie Shaving Soap
Special Edition Formula:  In a little under a year after the initial release of their Original Formula, The Strop Shoppe developed and released their Special Edition formula, which quickly began to outpace the sales of their Original Formula.  The Special Edition formulation contains tallow, or rendered beef fat, which is a traditional ingredient in many of the oldest shaving soap preparations.    
The Strop Shoppe's Special Edition Shaving Soap in the Date Night Scent
Limited Edition Formula: Not too long after the release of the Special Edition line, The Strop Shoppe unveiled their Limited Edition line;  an extra moisturizing formula with additional cocoa butter, shea butter, and tallow.   This formulation also features lanolin, a waxy substance secreted by wool-bearing animals, to help provide a smoother glide and improved protection.  As the name suggests, The Strop Shoppe Limited Edition soaps are only available for a short time. 

Two New Limited Edition Scents Recently Released: Solsetio and Peche
I asked the company if there was anything new on the horizon; anything that The Strop Shoppe fans could look forward to. I was rather pleased to hear that the company is getting ready to release two new soap fragrances and are in the final stages of developing an aftershave, called Formula 221B. This new aftershave has been in development for months and has been inspired by the company’s Baker Street scent.  So fans of the Baker Street scented soaps can look forward to a complementing aftershave fragrance with Formula 
A New Product Coming Coon ... The Strop Shoppe's Formula 221B Aftershave
Have you tried The Strop Shoppe shaving Soaps?  Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite scent is.

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