About Us

Shaving Supplies pictured with the Frances Slocum Lake in the background
Hmmm … what would be a good way to summarize TheShavingEdge.com?  Maybe:
“A Blog Dedicated to Shaving, Grooming, and occasionally some other, random stuff.”

We like grooming and shaving, particularly traditional wet shaving.  We loved using and discovering products enough that we ran run an online store for a few years as our way of contributing to the propagation of the love for traditional wet shaving. 

While the store no longer exists, we love wet shaving.  We’re not barbers, shaving professionals, or skin experts.   But we’ve had experiences, good and bad; from weepers to irritation to gouges.  There have been products that worked for us and others that haven’t.  We enjoy discovering new products and using some of the tried-and-true ones.    So, we wanted to continue TheShavingEdge.com as a blog to journal our experiences with wet shaving, as well as some other grooming and random stuff.   

We hope that you will be entertained, engaged, and that you may find helpful information here at TheShavingEdge.com


  1. good morning, just wondering if you folks do plating… Thanks very much… Rick

    1. Hi Rick, thanks for commenting. Regrettably we don't. I hear The Razor Emporium offers plating services. They can be found here: www.razoremporium.com