Sunday, September 2, 2018

A Closer Look at the Merkur 33C Razor

To me, the Merkur 33C is for those who want the shave of Merkur’s 34C HD razor but don’t want the heftiness.   Like the 34C, the 33C is a safety bar or closed comb razor with polished chrome finish and etched handle.

The Merkur 33C
However, unlike the 34C, the Merkur 33C is a three piece razor as opposed to a two piece.   The 33C’s and the handle is slightly longer measuring 3.625 inches from end to end while the Merkur 34C HD measures 3.25 inches.

The 33C (left) measures a little longer than the 34C HD
It looks like Merkur uses the same razor head for both razors.  So, I find both to be mildly aggressive shavers and the shave quality to be similar.  Admittedly, this is one that I don’t bring out much as I prefer the girth of the handle as well as the weight of the Merkur 34C HD --  The 34C weighed in at 2.8 oz (on our scale) whereas the 33C weighed in at 2 oz.

The 34C (left) is a little heavier than the 33C.  
Between the two I’d have to say that I would opt for the Merkur 34C HD.  I like the heft and I like the two piece construction.  The screw rod on the cap is a little longer than the screw rod on three piece razors.  I’ve written about this feature in a previous post.  While, I didn’t give it much thought first, I do like the longer rods as because I don’t get as much buildup around the threads as I do with the shorter screw rods. 

Unlike the 34C, The Merkur 33C is a 3 piece, safety bar, razor
This isn’t to say the 33C is a bad razor.  I actually find it to be a pretty nice razor. The lighter weight and thinner handle could make it a good option for travel if space in the dopp kit is at a scarcity.

Have you tried the Merkur 33C?  Please leave a comment below. Let us know what you think and how it compares to other Slant Bar Razors.

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