Sunday, November 26, 2017

Dr. Jon's Classic: The Barbershop Scent

The barbershop scent is one of those that I find hard precisely describe.  It’s like the word “dude;” it’s used a lot and could mean something different based on one’s interpretation.  Just  about every barbershop scent that I’ve had the pleasure of sampling smelled differently than the next. Fine Accoutrements American Blend smelled differently from Pinaud Clubman; Clubman smells differently than Sir Hare Classic; and Dr. Jon's Classic smells differently as well.

Dr Jon's Classic Shave Soap and Aftershave Tonic

Dr. Jon’s Classic scent is described on their site as a “combined hints of herb, wood, flowers and citrus to create a crisp and fresh fragrance that will make you want to run straight to your local barber for a cut and a shave” and it is their take on the barbershop scent.  On the label Dr. Jon’s lists rosemary, bergamot, lavender, cedar, lime, and vetiver.   To my nose, the lavender and lime stand out more and to give Classic its unique scent.

Dr. Jon's Classic Shave Soap is a soft soap which could probably be described as a "croap"

The Classic Shave Soap is most likely considered by many to be a “croap” as it is of a soft consistency.  As with the other Dr. Jon’s Soaps that I’ve used, Classic performed like the others as it yielded a thick, protective and slick lather without much effort.  Scent-wise, I found that it isn’t overpowering when applied.  It doesn’t linger and it easily washes away when rinsing off.  

I get a good, slick, and protective lather with Classic Vol 1.  Interested in trying Vol 2.

To complement the soap, Dr. Jon’s Classic is also available as an aftershave tonic.  As I’ve written before, I like a nice sting of an aftershave splash; with the aftershave tonic I get a nice and satisfying burn that my skin craves after a shave.  The aftershave’s scent lasts longer than the soap.  But to my nose it doesn’t seem to linger around as much as, say, Black Label.   Granted, I’m not a huge fan of the Black Label, so it is possible that I may just get used to the Classic scent much quicker as I find it to be more pleasant of an aroma.

My 2oz tin (which I believe are no longer available) of Classic for one of my SOTD's

Overall, I’m a fan of the Dr Jon’s Shave Soaps.  Since I’ve purchased my Classic tin though, they have gone on to reformulate their soaps and this soap is now available as “Classic Vol. 2”.  It generally looks like it is being met with some good reviews.  I have yet to try Vol. 2, but look forward to giving it a shot one day.

Are you a fan of Dr. Jon’s Shave soaps and aftershave tonics?  Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

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