Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Strop Shoppe Black Tie Special Edition Shave Soap

It’s been about a year since The Strop Shoppe closed their doors and, of course, I’m writing about the Special Edition Black Tie soap just as I’m down to the last few ounces and can’t get any more.  I suppose this post is just a means of saying goodbye to this particular soap in the den.
The Special Edition Line contained tallow.
The Strop Shoppe’s Special Edition line contained tallow, or rendered beef fat. It had a relatively soft consistency and tended to be a bit thirsty of a shaving soap.  Personally, I didn’t mind; a little more water and the soap yielded a rather thick, protective, and slick lather.  To that end, it reminded me a bit of the lather quality of an Arko Shave Stick but with a less “soapy” scent.” Just like all of their soaps, they were packaged in a plain, black and white, durable (I’ve dropped this many many times without it cracking) plastic container.   The Special Edition tubs contained 140 ml of soap.
Really like the voluminous lather it produced
The Strop Shoppe had mentioned in their product description that the air of sophisticated confidence exuded by Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart were the inspiration for their Black Tie scent.  The aroma is described as having notes of pepper; leather and musk give weight to the woodiness of patchouli and the freshness of citrus.  Personally, it reminds me of a masculine cologne.  It isn’t very powerful of an aroma and I find that it washes away when rinsing it from my head and face.
Sadly, all that's left of my Special Edition Black Tie Shave Soap.  Probably 1 more shave and it's gone forever.

It was sad to see The Strop Shoppe close their doors.  But a number of quality shave soap makers have been appearing in the wet shaving community as well.  Even though I can no longer get my hands on Special Edition Black Tie, there is still a wide selection products from of shaving soaps vendors to try.  Perhaps I may stumble across a scent close to this.  Until then, my hoard of The Strop Shoppe shaving soaps will have to last.

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