Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Colonel Conk Bay Rum Shave Soap

Colonel Conk’s Bay Rum shave soap was my introduction to this popular wet shaving scent.  I think it may have been one of the first five shaving soaps I used.   I really like this soap.  Though, it probably shouldn’t have been one I started out with.  Not that it was the soap’s fault, but at the time I was using an inexpensive boar brush with a small knot.  I didn’t soak the brush and probably didn’t use enough water.  The resulting lather and protection I got wasn’t the greatest.   So, I put the soap away for a little while. 

I get the best results when using a badger brush. 
After I got more experience under my belt, along with amassing and using more brushes, I was able to get a better feel for the amount of water a soap uses to give me a lather that I like.  With the Col Conk Bay Rum Soap, I am able to get a good lather with a horse hair brush, a boar brush, and even synthetic brush.  However, I feel like I get my best lather with a nice sized badger brush, such as the Fine Accoutrements Badger Brush.

With the "Super Bar" I'll tend to keep it in the plastic clamshell.
Prior to the release of the Col Conk natural line, the company had four scents of shave soap: Amber, Almond, Lime, and Bay Rum.  Of the four, the bay rum scent was the last to be released.  Col Conk’s Bay Rum shave soap is available in a 2.25 oz puck and a 3.75 oz “Super bar.”  They are packaged in a plastic clam shell.  While the label indicates  “Glycerine,” “Avocado Oil,” and Vitamin E, other ingredients aren’t listed on the label.  After some searching around the web, there was a thread on a forum where someone published their correspondence with the Col Conk company listing the ingredients of the soap. 

Ingredients from the thread:
SLES (a variation of Sodium Lauteth Sulfite) 
DI water 
Propylene glycol 
Soap Flakes 
Stearic Acid 
Tatrasoddium EDTA 

I get a nice lather with this soap that provides good protection and a nice glide.  With the super pucks, I’ll tend to keep the soap in the clam shell packaging and load the brush from it. Personally, I have a harder time loading the brush from the smaller clamshell packaging.  So, I’ll typically store the 2.25 oz pucks in a mug.  I’ve seen some wet shavers microwave the soap to make it a bit more malleable to fit the mug.  This isn’t something that I’ve done (yet).   I happened to have a Seneca Restaurant Ware Coffee mug that the 2.25 oz pucks fit perfectly.

The 2.25 oz puck fit perfectly in a Seneca restaurant coffee mug.

Scent-wise, I don’t find it to be particularly strong.  It has a nice aroma but it isn’t overpowering when sniffing the open container or even when lathering.  Col Conk’s bay rum scent does smell different than a number of bay rum scents that I’ve tried.  The description that comes to mind is that it is a bay rum on the sweeter side.  If there were a bay rum hard candy … I could envision it smelling like this shave soap.

Col Conk Bay Rum Soap in a 2.25oz Puck 
Do you like the Col Conk Bay Rum Shave Soap?  Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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