Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Scent of True Rose: Soap Commander's Love

News of the discontinuance of Klar Kabinet shave soap started to spread in mid-2013.  While it has been discontinued, the Klar company still produces shaving soap in Classic (spicy-lemony), Almond, Lemongrass, Sandalwood, and Sport (leather notes) scents along with a Ginger scented shave soap designed for women.  Personally, I have never tried the Klar Kabinet soap.  Reviews have generally been positive. But, regrettably, I’ve never tried it or smelled it.  Perhaps Klar may reissue it one day.
Soap Commander's Love scent was inspired by the rose scented Klar Kabinet.
But until that day comes, there is always Soap Commander’s Love Shave Soap.  Love is Soap Commander’s attempt to duplicate the rose scent of the Klar Kabinet.  Since I’ve never tried Klar Kabinet, I can’t comment on how the scent compares to Love.  Though, I can say that Love is one of the better rose scents that I have sampled.   Just about every rose scented soap (bath soaps) I’ve encountered thus far have tended to smell perfumy, artificial, or manufactured.  To my nose, Soap Commander’s Love shave soap and aftershave balm smell very close to an actual rose.  Apparently, it smells like roses to my girlfriend’s nose too. When I asked her to smell it, she did and instantly asked why I haven’t gotten her flowers in a while. But that’s neither here nor there.
An off white colored soap.  A bit thirsty, but the headspace in the containers make for an easier lathering when using the Marco Method.
Love Shaving Soap is a fairly hard soap that is off white in color.  Like the other Soap Commander Soaps that I have in my den, Love performs the same way.  It’s a bit thirsty, but I do get a thick and full lather that has a nice slickness and protects well. I attribute the Shae Butter to my skin not feeling dried out after my shave.  I'll typically use the Marco Method (loading a very wet brush will very little water shaken out) when loading Soap Commander soaps.  I find that the extra headspace that they leave in the containers helps out when using this method.
The soap provides me with a rich lather that has a nice slickness.
The aftershave balm is a white lotion that I find smells just like the soap. It does contain menthol, but I don’t find that it compromises the rose scent.  Admittedly, I am more of a splash guy but will use a balm regularly.  Love can complement a splash that has a floral aroma.  Personally I thought the scents blended together well when applying Dr. Jon’s Aphrodite first and then applying the Love Aftershave Balm. Though I can’t say I felt the same way when using Clubman’s Lilac Vegetal.  
Thought the Love Balm complemented Dr. Jon's Aftershave Splash. But (for me) it seemed to clash with Lilac Vegetal scent.
Are you a fan of the floral scents? Have you tried Love by Soap Commander?  How does it compare to Klar Kabinet?  Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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