Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Closer Look at the Merkur 37C Slant Bar Razor

As of this writing I’ve had the 37C in the rotation for about a year.  This is one razor that I’ll tend to reach for by default when I can’t make up my mind on which razor to use.  Compared to the DE89 by Edwin Jagger, which measures about 3.7 inches, the Merkur 37C is fairly compact at about 3.25 inches.  Because of the size it’s also the razor I’ll typically take with me when I travel.
Three Blades That Work Best for Me: Personna, Shark, and Crystal 

Because of the way the head positions blade, it attacks the stubble at an angle. So, slant bar razors are considered to be a pretty effective shaver.  I’ve used a number of different blades with this razor:  Personna Blue,  Perma-Sharp, Feather, Shark Super Chrome, Crown, Rapira, Bolzano, and (my go to) Crystal.   Of this bunch, I felt as if the Crystals, Shark Super Chrome, and Personnas probably worked best for me in this razor.
I tend to get more build up on the shorter rods
The Merkur 37C is a two piece razor.  As with many of the other Merkur Razors, the rod on the cap is a little longer compared to the screw rod on three piece razors.   I didn’t think much of this at first.  But, I tend to get a little more build up around the threads on the rods of the three piece razors.  Since the 37C has a longer rod that extends down into the handle, I tend to not develop residue on the threads.  For me, that means less Scrubbing Bubbles cleanings.

Have you tried the 37C?  Please leave a comment below. Let us know what you think and how it compares to other Slant Bar Razors.

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