Friday, August 14, 2015

A Closer Look at Soap Commander Vision Shaving Soap

Soap Commander has a lot of great scents. But if I were to try to narrow it down to a favorite I’d have to go with Vision.  On the label it is described it as an Aqua, Amber, and Mint Shaving Soap.  But there are other scents blended as well.  Soap Commander describes Vision as clean and crisp, yet suave and composed.  Vision contains notes of citrus, black currant, pineapple, honeydew, muguet, and water lily upon a base of vetiver and mulberry along with peppermint essential oil to kick it up a notch.  
Soap Commander Vision Shave Soap and Aftershave Balm
Soap Commander’s Vision has a pepperminty smell to it that I really enjoy.  To my nose, it smells minty, masculine, and cologne-like.  There is about 6 oz soap packaged in a plastic tub and with waterproof labels.  Soap Commander intentionally left a headspace in the tubs so that shavers can easily load their brushes in the tub.

There are a lot of threads on badger and blade, mentions in Facebook wet shaving groups, as well as on Instagram where a number of people showcase their Soap Commander products in their shave-of-the-days pictures.
One of my Shave of The Day (SOTD) Pics from Instagram
Personally I find that I get a rich, slick lather with a nice cushion from this soap. For me, swirling the brush around the soap for about 30 seconds or so gives me much more than what I need for my two pass face shave.  The soap is formulated with shea butter and I find the post shave feel to be rather nice.
Rich lather from Vision
Have you tried any of the Soap Commander soaps? Leave a comment let us know what your favorite scent is

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