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20 Questions with The Bald Nation

The Bald Nation is a website that was started to help bring the Bald Community closer together. It's a website where bald individuals can find Bald related T-Shirt reviews and shaving product reviews to either just read or maybe to help them find new products to try.  A site where readers can spend some time reading about all things related to The Bald Lifestyle.  The aim is to turn The Bald Nation into a hub for Bald Men - a place that at any given time one can go to the website and read nothing but Bald related content.  It is always evolving with new content, so don’t forget to visit regularly.

We wanted to learn more, so we asked The Bald Nation a series of questions to get to know them a little better.

1. Where are you from?
Northern Indiana, anywhere I can live The Bald Lifestyle

The Bald Nation Motivational Quotes
2. How old are you?

3. What do you do for a living? 
I'm a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) for multiple skilled nursing home facilities.

4. What’s your favorite type of music?
It used to be heavy metal in my youth but now it's the oldies station

5. What was the first razor that you recall shaving with?
The Mach 3, now it's the Schick hydro 5 sensitive when I'm not using my DE razor.

When not using a DE, The Bald Nation uses their Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive
6. Who taught you how to shave?
Self-taught on face and dome

7. How long have you been shaving your head?
I first shaved my head in 1996. I had very long hair before that and my best friend dared me to shave my head. I took him up on the idea because I was tired of taking care of my long hair and was just looking for a reason to get rid of it. Back in 96 head shaving was not popular and their wasn’t Twitter or Facebook for guys who shave their head for support. their There was not YouTube with multitudes of videos on how to shave your head or how to prevent razor burn, cuts and scrapes. The web is a great place to find support on loosing losing your hair, shaving your head or any support on those matters.

8. What kind of razor do you prefer? 
I'm a cartridge razor, DE razor type of guy. I like both, cartridge for the speed of it and DE razor because it's better for your skin, less irritation and a closer shave. Wet shaving is an art form that is coming back to life. If you want speed to get done with shaving and nothing else then wet shaving probably isn't for you, wet shaving involves time and patience to get 

the closest shave possible without any irritation. Guys practice the art of wet shaving for years perfecting their form and techniques. Variety and choices with all aspects of shaving is an awesome thing that helps build experience.  

The Bald Nation with trusty DE Razor
9. How would you finish this sentence? The thing I love about traditional wet shaving is  …
that it's an art form that's always changing.  Your techniques and regimen can change drastically or not at all. Traditional wet shaving gets you back to your roots. It's masculinity at its finest! Mastering the art of wet shaving with your own techniques and then changing it up and mastering it again. In my book would be fun and adventurous! It's all about having fun with shaving!

10. How many passes do you do?
1-3 on my dome. 1 on my face with cartridge, 2-3 if wet shaving.

11. Which do you prefer HeadBlade Sport or ATX?

Some Entertaining Pics Accompany The Bald Nation Product Reviews
12. Do you have problems shaving against the grain?
No. But I used to. It's still a little sensitive when I shave against the grain on my head,

13. How do you protect your head in the summer?
I use a moisturizer with SPF. If I'm going to be outside for a while I wear a hat. I still get some kind of sunburn though.

14. … In the winter?
always wearing a beanie, even in my home I wear a beanie.
A beanie, for dome protection in the winter.
15. Are you an Aftershave Balm or Aftershave Splash person?
Both, but the splash I always use on my face not my head.

16. Favorite type of shaving brush?
I'm relatively new to using a shave brush. I have a badger hair and a synthetic as well, I like both of them but I mainly use the badger hair.

Pictured with DE Razor, Dr. Jon's Classic Shave Soap, and Shave Brush

17. What is your pre-shave prep routine?
I wash and exfoliate my dome in the shower and then when I get ready to shave I run warm water over my dome and then add pre-shave oil and get my soap or cream ready

18. What advice would you give to someone getting into traditional wet shaving?
I'm new myself but I guess I would say the Internet is an awesome resource for any questions about wet shaving. There is not a perfect razor or product that works for everyone and everyone's routine will probably be similar but different. Research and ask any questions you have. There are a ton of groups online and on other social media outlets that can answer any questions you have.

19. If money were no option, where would you go for the best possible shave?
I think I would still do the same thing I'm doing now trying new products and see which ones you get the best results from. It's all about choices and gaining experience to help other bald guys out. Your experience gained will help someone new to shaving in the future. And by all means have fun doing it because when you really think about it, it should be fun. Perfecting your technique and the art of shaving, no matter if it's wet or straight razor or cartridge, is all about having fun and getting back to the roots of shaving.

The Bald Nation: "... by all means have fun."
20. How long has “The Bald Nation” been around?
I'm pretty new to social media, but I've always had the same attitude that's in my Bald related quotes. I love talking about being bald. I love asking other guys what they shave with and I also love shaving. I consider myself to be a strong passionately Bald man with increased confidence and a smile! I'm always open to helping other Bald Guys out anyway I can with shaving issues, I've been shaving for the better part of 20 years so I have a lot of experience with shaving. My school of thought is you share your experience and give someone else a helping hand.

So there it is. 20 questions with TheBaldNation.  Visit their site at and don’t forget to like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

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