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Live Maniler with Local Gent: Local Gent Shaving Co Products

Local Gent Shaving Co. has a passion for traditional wet shaving and for propagating the benefits to the masses. Founded in 2012, they fuse old-school technique with the Local Gent signature style to create products designed for men to live maniler. Local Gent Shaving Co. products are quality tested and made by men for men.  Using a custom blend of quality ingredients, Local Gent Shaving Company’s products are hand crafted in small batches in Riverside, California.
Local Gent Shaving Co PreShave Oil, Shaving Cream, and Aftershave Balms
As of this writing, Local Gent currently has seven scents of shaving cream and aftershave balms.  Not that long ago, they released their California Barber scent which is designed to give that fresh, clean, right from the barber shop feel.  You may have seen threads about them on badger and blade as well as on Instagram where a number of people showcase their Local Gent products in their shave-of-the-days pictures. 
The different scents of Local Gent Shaving Cream
We are very happy to be carrying Local Gent Shaving Co. Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, and Aftershave balm at

Pre-shave oil
The Local Gent Pre-shave oils are available in five scents: Sandalwood, Bay Rum, California Barber, Eucalyptus Mint, and in a non-scented variety which they have dubbed Traditional.  The Mariner and Tobacco Lounge scents are currently not available in the Pre-Shave Oil.   

Local Gent PreShave Oil

Shaving Cream   
I was pleasantly surprised with the shaving cream.  Personally, I found the lather to have a decent slickness and cushion to it.   I found it to be a very light cream and it reminded me of a couple of others that I have used such as: Game Day Men’s Sandalwood Shave Cream or Derby shave cream in a tube. There are currently seven scents available: Bay Rum, Sandalwood, Tobacco Lounge, The Mariner, Lime Street, Eucalyptus Mint, and California Barber
Not a hard puck.  Local Gent Shaving Cream reminded me of some other creams that I've tried
I found that I didn’t need a lot of water to make a lather. An almond sized dollop seemed like just the right amount.  For me, running a badger brush under the tap hot water for a few seconds and shaking out most of the excess was enough water to generate a lather for a two pass face shave.  But as with all things wet shaving, your mileage may vary (YMMV)

Tobacco Lounge Shaving Cream
Aftershave Balm
The Local Gent After Shave Balms are handcrafted with a custom blend of ingredients designed to complement The Local Gent Shaving Co shaving cream.  This post shave doesn’t contain menthol and didn’t have the cooling sensation of other aftershave balms that I’ve tried, such as Game Day Men’s and Soap Commander’s Aftershave Balms.

Seven scents of Local Gent Aftershave Balm
Personally, I found that the Local Gent AfterShave Balm didn’t leave an oily residue on my or face and (to my nose) the scent didn’t linger for a long time.  However, like with post shave lotion, this is the kind of post shave treatment I prefer use after using a splash.  Like the Local Gent Shaving Cream, the post shave lotions are currently available in seven scents: Bay Rum, Sandalwood, Tobacco Lounge, The Mariner, Lime Street, Eucalyptus Mint, and California Barber

Dispensing Local Gent Aftershave Balm
Have you tried any of the Local Gent Shaving Co Products? Do you have a favorite scent?   Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think. 

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