Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trying HeadSlick With a Brush

The one thing I like about wet shaving is trying a lot of things.   Betelgeux of Reddit’s Wicked_Edge seems to take it to another level.  Check out his Youtube channel and you’ll see what I mean Betelgeux tried shaving using hair conditioner, KY Jelly, and even peanut butter (chunky style).

Personally, my ideas aren’t that creative. One day I was in the shower and I applied my HeadSlick Mentholated Shave Cream to my scalp with my fingers like I had always done.  As I stood there finger lathering this shave cream, I wondered if HeadSlick would lather a brush.  Looking at the bottle, the directions simply stated: “Wet head and face with warm water. Apply a thin layer of HeadSlick to shaving area. Shave, Rinse well.”  It made no mention of a brush.  So, why not give it a try.

Directions on back of HeadSlick bottle
Sometime ago, we did a blog post and even a Youtube video for Game Day Men’s Sandalwood Shave cream.  This product was also designed to be brushless but discovered that it performed well for us when using a brush.  We wondered if HeadSlick would be the same way.

Wet Shaving Tools of choice for this session
We used a Col Conk Badger Brush to lather the HeadBlade Mentholated Shave Cream.  Other tools  of choice for this session was an iKon ShaveCraft 101 with a Crystal (sometimes referred to as Israeli Personnas) DE razor Blade for the shave on both head and face; the HeadBlade ATX for a cleanup pass on the scalp, and finishing it off with Fine Accoutrements Platinum.
For me, this amount was good for two scalp lathers
HeadSlick proved to lather well with a brush. For me, a pea sized amount was good for about two passes on the head.  I was able to build a pretty good lather with a badger brush. Ran the brush under the tap rinsing it hot water for about 10 seconds, shook out the excess, and applied a small pea sized amount of HeadSlick to the brush.  Swirled the brush on the scalp and was pleasantly surprised it was developing a lather that had that merengue like consistency.   I felt the slickness was still the same.
Lathered on Scalp
I did need to reload the brush after the head shave portion of the routine was complete.  Tried lathering the face with what remained on the brush.  While, I did get somewhat of a light foamy lather on my face, it felt as if the lubricating properties of the cream were gone. So I added another pea sized amount to the brush and lathered up the face. I felt the difference and this proved to be an amount good for two passes (and potentially a third)
Face Lathered HeadSlick with brush
I like the cooling sensation of the menthol.   Personally, I find HeadSlick to be a tad stronger than Proraso Green Shave Cream.  With HeadSlick, or other menthol shave creams, I find that I don’t typically have to apply an aftershave balm or splash to my head after shaving.  Though, I typically do anyway. In this session I finished off with Fine Platinum – which I think complemented the cooling menthol feeling and even scent of the HeadSlick.
HeadSlick Shave Cream lather with Shave Brush
Personally, I like the slickness and menthol feeling from HeadBlade’s HeadSlick Shave Cream.  When using a shave brush to apply it, I feel that am better able to portion out the cream.  When slapping it on with the fingers I feel I have a tendency of using more.


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