Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Closer Look at the Merkur 38C Razor

The Merkur 38C Heavy Duty (HD for short) is a two piece safety razor with polished chrome finish and barber pole style etching on the handle.  The handle measures about 3.75 inches from the bottom of the handle to the base of the razor head. It measures 4 inches from end to end and weighs 4 oz (on our scale). 

Length of the Merkur 38C compared to the Merkur 34C 

To compare it to another popular Merkur razor, the Merkur 34C HD measures 3.25 inches  from end to end with a handle that measures about 3 inches from the tip to the base of the razor head and this razor weighs in at 2.8 oz (on our scale). It shares the same razor head design as the 38C.

Weight of the Merkur 38C compared to the Merkur 34C 

We took a look at this razor in a short video.

I've had the Merkur 38C in the wet shaving arsenal for a little while. Even posted some Shave of the Day or SOTD pics with this Razor (as well as an assortment of other shaving related pictures) on Instagram.

Personally, I've gotten accustomed to the Crystal RazorBlades (a.k.a Israeli Personnas) and find those to be work well with the 38C razor. I've tried a few others like Shark Super Chrome, Derby Extra Super Stainless Blades, and Merkur DE Blades, but I’m partial to the Crystal blades.

Have you tried the Merkur 38C HD or the 34C HD? Which do you prefer?   

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