Thursday, July 31, 2014

The HeadBlade ATX vs The HeadBlade Sport

We recorded a short video comparing some of the difference some of the differences between The HeadBlade ATX and The HeadBlade Sport.

The HeadBlade Sport Razor, which was introduced in 2006, has the blade seated on the front and leads the blade when shaving.   Hair is removed by pushing the blade over stubble.  Other HeadBlade models that lead with the blade are the HeadBlade Classic, The HeadBlade Ghost, and The S4 Eclipse. 

The ATX on the other hand, was introduced in 2012 and the blade is positioned on the back of the razor. So stubble is eliminated by pulling the blade over the hairs.   Other HeadBlade Models that “pull” the blade are The HeadBlade ATX LE Black, The HeadBlade Gervase Limited Edition, and The HeadBlade S4 Shark.

I Started with the Sport and decided to try the ATX.  While my shaving routine has changed a bit, I still use both the HeadBlade Sport and ATX regularly.  It depends on how I'm feeling that day. Do you use HeadBlade products? Do you prefer to shave your head with the Sport or the ATX?  Feel free to leave a comment below.


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  2. I recently bought the ATX, because I broke my HB Sport (Version 1). I tried the ATX for a couple of weeks with disappointing results. I tried all the tricks that I could find on various forums, but no matter what I did the shave came out patchy. Finally I ordered a new Sport and it works like a charm. HeadBlade should stop trying to compete with the likes of Gillette, revive the Sport line and make the HB3 blades widely available again.

  3. I tried the ATX for a couple of weeks with disappointing results may be i am doing it wrong. Any guide to make it work correctly.

    1. I think Headblade's video, ATX 101, is pretty good: