Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fine Accoutrements Aftershaves

Fine Accoutrements Line of Aftershave Splashes


Inspired by the classic elegance and simple formulation of the Alt-Innsbruck aftershave, Fine Accoutrements set out to create a product reminiscent of the Austrian aftershave. Fine has created a family of premium after shave splashes with a simple formulation and masculine aromas designed to evoke that distinctive barbershop quality.

In the past few weeks they’ve changed bottle designs and unveiled their new Platinum scent.  The Fine brand has grown mostly by word of mouth and you may have seen the countless threads about them on the Badger and Blade forum or the wicked_edge subreddit.  I’ve had the privilege of trying a number of Fine aftershave splashes: Fine American Blend, L’Orange Noir, Fresh Vetiver, Clean Vetiver, Italian Citrus, and (now discontinued) Savon Lavande. Personally, I can see why they are rather popular.

We are very happy to have their products as part of TheShavingEdge.com catalog:

  • Fine American Blend:  After Shaving Splash captures the scent of shaving. The American Blend was formulated to be reminiscent of traditional spray-foam shaving cream.
  • Fine Snake Bite:  Not for the weak of heart; Snake Bite contains 5X the menthol of the regular formula and no fragrance oils.
  • Fine L’Orange Noir:  Night in an orange grove; after a late summer rain. You're wearing a tuxedo.
  • Fine Fresh Vetiver: The deep and earthy, yet sweet and soapy, scent of vetiver infused with a measured quantity of citrus to accentuate its freshness.
  • Fine Clean Vetiver:  A versatile, all-season fragrance containing the spice and smoke of vetiver, but with a dash of citrus at the top and a sprinkle of tobacco at the base.
  • Fine Italian Citrus: It's not citrus, it's ITALIAN citrus. Inspired by Acqua di Parma Colonia, Fine Italian Citrus is a blend of orange, lemon, rose, and sandalwood. As easy to wear in the boardroom as it is on the board walk.
  • Fine Platinum: Fine’s latest scent. A smokey, citrus fragrance, Platinum is modern yet timeless.

Have you tried any of the Fine Aftershaves? Do you have a favorite? … hmmm …. That may be better asked as: “Have you been able to narrow it down to a favorite?”  If so … leave a comment below, let us know what you think.

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