Friday, March 28, 2014

Parker Open Comb Razors

It started with the sale of butterfly style razors in the USA in 2004.  Since then, Parker has expanded its product line in the USA and Europe with additional Twist-To-Open styles, three piece safety razors, horn handled razors, cartridge razors, barber style shavette razors, shave brushes, and shave soaps.  Now, in 2014, Parker just added open comb razors to the lineup.  

The New Parker 24C (Left) and the 26C (Right) Open Comb Razors

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Howie Woda.  Howie’s company, Howi Inc. and Parker Safety Razor are partners in the design and sales of the Parker Products.  Howie educated me on these new open comb razors of which he was extremely excited.  This is the first line of open comb razors Parker has released. The 24C and 26C Parker Razors had been in development for over two years.  These took a while to release because Parker wanted the razor head to be just right.  There were many dies cast and eliminated prior to the release of the products. 

It looks like it may have been worth the wait.   Howie had told me that the response to the Parker 24C and 26C razors has been fabulous and met with many positive reviews.  When asked what sets the new Parker open comb razors apart, Howie simply replied that the shave quality sets the Parker razor apart. For an open comb design, the head is not overly aggressive.  Most open combs feel like they are scraping your face.  Parker’s open combs shave smoothly because Parker has designed the combs to be curved.

The Parker 24C: Three piece, open comb, safety razor. Chrome plated brass frame with textured handle for improved grip, even with wet hands. 

Parker 24C
The Parker 26C: Three piece, open comb, design.  Solid brass frame with a black textured handle.  
Parker 26C

Of course I had to ask if there are any other new Parker Safety Razor products we could anticipate seeing in the near future.  Unfortunately, I did not receive an answer to that.  Howie simply said there are many products in the pipe, but he did not want to pre-announce them.

Parker Safety Razor, a family owned and operated business, has been producing quality grooming products since 1973.  They expanded to sales in the U.S. in 2004 and then in Europe shortly thereafter. Parker Safety Razor products are widely recognized for providing extremely high quality products at reasonable prices. 


  1. Best razor I own is the 26C.

  2. The 24c has become my favorite razor, hands-down. The combination of smoothness, comfort, and efficiency is unmatched by anything else I have tried. Since using the 24c as my daily driver, I have reduced my shave from 3 passes (wtg, xtg, atg) to 2 wtg passes- with a few touch-ups. The results are as good as I have ever experienced; but the level of comfort is way better!

    If you are on the fence about these razors, I highly recommend purchasing one. You will not be disappointed!