Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Great Moments of Shaving Stupidity

I wasn't really sure how to start this blog post. "Great moments in shaving stupidity", "shave fail", "my shaving fail", were other ideas for a title but I suppose that’s neither here nor there. 

I've done some pretty stupid things while shaving; not because I was trying to do anything creative but simply because I wasn't paying attention.  So, I've decided to share a few doozies that I look back at and wonder what I was thinking. If anything, I hope that you at least get a good laugh.

2nd runner up: slicing a part of my head during my head shaving routine.  I was screaming when this happened.  I managed to slice a dime size piece of skin from a part of my head while shaving it with my HeadBlade Sport.  I might have been in a hurry and my head was not covered enough in shave cream.  I also was zoning out – which I had a tendency of doing when shaving the head.  I applied a little too much pressure to skin that wasn't properly lubricated and – BAM! – words that would make my mother cringe could be heard for miles.  From this pain I learned two things about shaving my head.  First, PAY ATTENTION.  Second make sure the head is properly covered in the right shaving cream to provide adequate lubrication.  HeadBlade HeadSlick is one of my favorites.   By making sure I had a properly lubed up scalp and paying attention to just shaving my head (including amount of pressure that’s being applied to razor) I have avoided serious gouges in my head .

1st Runner Up: Loose head on a three piece razor.  I didn't even notice it until after I shaved the side of my face, rinsed the razor, and heard that distinct razor blade ding. Fortunately, no nicks and cuts but I had terrible razor burn.  I’m not sure if a loose razor head would give other people razor burn, but it did for me and my face stung to the touch for a few days.  Preshave oil helped in the days after this incident. I also kept applying RazorMD Post Shave Lotion (Naturally Unscented) regularly to help soothe my skin (Side note, I also like to use this on my nose when it's irritated from tissues). From this I learned to check the equipment before use. I could have saved days of discomfort by simply making sure the razor head was on tight enough. 

… and our winner in My Great Moments of Shaving Stupidity is … 

Cutting my check with a shavette when I turned my head.  I look back on this one and really laugh because it seems so slapstick.  I was shaving with a Dreadnought Shavette and my gf yelled my name from the other room.  I didn't take the razor off my skin and turned my head to yell back at her. I had about a 1 inch minor cut on my cheek for about a week.  Incidentally she must have thought I was calling her some not-so-nice names.  With this experience I learned two things (yet again). First PAY ATTENTION. Second, remember to remove the razor from your skin BEFORE any sudden movements.

At the time(s), I was probably in pain and a little too ticked off to think about what I had learned.  But I think the key, at least for me, is to simply pay attention.  I think by doing so, I have less cuts and find myself enjoying the shave routine a little more.  

Have an interesting shave experience, feel free to share below.   It would be nice to know that I am not alone … 

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