Sunday, October 13, 2013

Found a Gillette Tech Razor, Ranger Model

The owner of a company I used to work for used to love to collect old dentistry tools and equipment.  At the time I fashioned myself as a ‘computer guy’ so I was always interested in the latest technologies that were emerging.  So, while fascinated, I never quite understood the interest in the collection of old dentistry stuff especially when some really neat computerized tools were making their way into many dental practices.  Now that I’m older, I suppose I can understand the fascination.

Recently I’ve come into possession of a “vintage” razor.   It appears to be a Gillette Tech Razor, Ranger Model --- which there’s a very informative Thread at Badger &Blade  on its history.

Gillette Tech Razor with Manual
The highlights are that the Gillette Ranger Model Tech Razor is a Twist-to-open (TTO) style razor produced in 1941.  Gillette shifted from producing these Ranger Models to the 3 piece Tech razor during WWII … which (correct me if I am wrong) I hear are quite the find.

I am surprised at the condition of it considering it is over 70 years old.  It looks hardly used and the instruction booklet looks like it has been barely touched.  I am a bit upset that the blade box is gone as I would have loved that in the collection. But I think that it’s still a pretty nice keepsake.
Razor Case, love the old style lettering

The Gillette Ranger is hardly a valuable collector’s item.  Nevertheless, it’s a piece of history in which I’m very happy to have found.  Even though we’ve come long way in shaving technology, sometimes it’s simply hard to beat tradition, and I suppose that’s what this represents.

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